Long Weekend – Arrgh!

I always worry about long weekends and holidays. They screw up my daily schedules and almost inevitably trigger a depression episode that lasts a week or so past the holidays.

I’ve realised that its best if all of my days are pretty similar, including Saturdays and Sundays. So I often go to work on weekends (for a few hours) just to keep the schedule stable.

It’s amazing how much work I can get done when no one else is around, and it kind of compensates for the times in office when I am not particularly productive because I’m depressed.

So. Happy Easter.
I’ll be at the office.

One thought on “Long Weekend – Arrgh!

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  1. Hello! Just thought I’d say hello. I was just reading here and there about a comment I read on a friend of a friend’s blog that said “being overwhelmed is very common for the BP person”. As much as I’ve read concerning the symptoms of bp, I’d never read that one. So, I typed it into Google and your www was one that came up. I have enjoyed reading it. On occasion it is nice to be able to ‘relate’ to someone who knows exactly how I’m feeling. And, you know what? You mentioned that you probably wouldn’t change being bipolar if you could. And, honestly, I probably wouldn’t either. I discovered a passion for photography a while back and I *think* that being bipolar might have something to do with the way I view the things I photograph.

    Anyway, I’m in a bit of a depressed episode myself this long weekend. I hope it ends soon. Nice to have ‘met’ you. Have a wonderful weekend and come by and say hi if you’d like. http://robinismyname.wordpress.com

    I’ll be back here to read again.

    Take care, Robin


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