101 Ways to Talk to God

Here’s a good sign if a person is bipolar. Our libraries are full of books on how to organise ourselves.

Not that we necessarily do a good job of it, but we buy the books in hope that someday we will be capable of setting out tasks and doing them.

Actually, that’s not quite the truth. We usually buy the books when we are coming out of depression and heading into mania. And we usually buy them with the manic ability to spend money on just about anything and the manic certainty that this time we will get ourselves organised.

Not that it happens. And so the books are added to our library one by one. There’s something poignant about being depressed in a messy, rumpled, clothes strewn apartment with a library shelf full of books on how to be organised.

But I do come across a gem every now and then. You should get your hands on “101 Ways to Talk to God” by Dandi Daley Mackall. There aren’t any bible quotations in the book, just reminders that the little things in our lives are intrinsically beautiful and worthy of being thankful for.

Get one for yourself, and then get a few more to give to others as gifts.

2 thoughts on “101 Ways to Talk to God

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  1. Isn’t that the case about books? I can tell you how many I’ve bought in a hypomanic mood that I’m totally uninterested in reading during a depression. But this book sounds good. Thanks for the recommendation!



  2. I had to laugh because I too have bought hundreds of books when hypomanic! Both mania and depression tend to inspire me to engage in excessive, compulsive research on various topics – though usually revolving around religious subjects. I could start a theological library with the collection of books I have stashed away in my closet. I’ve found that agitated depression usually results in the most book buying sprees, as the depression creates an urgency to try and find a way out of the negative thinking and emotions – and the mania provides the compulsive energy to “seek” for relief via religious research.


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