My Desk is Getting Clearer

I’ve now been stable for nearly three weeks (since about the 15 Jun) – which for me is an exceedingly long time.

Stable that is. Not managing mania or mood swings. I’m not sure why, but I suspect that I have finally been able to coordinate all the tricks I’ve learned over the years so that they all work at once. I’ll be writing up these tricks soon on the main website.

Also, I haven’t done anything stupid yet to destabilise me. Keeping the short leash short.

Productivity is soaring. I know this because I have had time to sort and organise the spice rack in the kitchen. And my desk in office is slowly getting clearer.

One thought on “My Desk is Getting Clearer

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  1. that is great! congrats. i was officially diagnosed bipolar today. i think i’m in shock although i was suspecting it. he feels i was misdiagnosed when i was diagnosed with post pardum depression and said childbirth often will bring bipolar symptoms out in those that are bipolar. he started me on abilify and klonopin.


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