The Price of Clubbing

After the post yesterday, I visited a friend, and with one thing another, we went clubbing. Got home a 2 am. Yes it was great. And yes, it was not the most sensible idea.

At first I felt a little nervous being among the crowd, having been slightly reclusive for the last six or seven months. But then it was ok. Had a good time.

Today though, I was wondering why I didn’t get any office work done, and then I couldn’t  decide what order I wanted to do my chores after work.

And then about 4 pm it hit me. I was manic. Slap on the forehead here. Of course. I only slept for 4 hours last night.

What next to do? I need to get my schedule back in order post haste before this mania derails my moods and I destabilise completely.

So I kept the two main pieces of my afternoon schedule – my walk with my dogs, and then my blog here. Didn’t bother to do anything else. And even though I’ve been invited out for dinner, I’m planning to leave early to go to sleep at my regular time so I can get up at my regular time.

Today’s schedule and activities are mucked up. Time to close the door on today and restart keeping stable tomorrow. It’s okay to do this. I just have to make sure I don’t make my moods worse before I go to sleep tonight.

Will remain slightly nervous for the next two days until I’m sure I’m back to stable.

The night out sure was fun. But I have to be careful of the price to pay for it. Or to plan in advance so I won’t destabilise. Spur of the moment decisions are so not the way to go.

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