Recovered from Clubbing, finally.

You might notice the little discrepancy in dates. Here’s the reason.

Went clubbing on the night of the 2 July.
Was manic on the 3 July.
Got somewhat depressed on the 4 July.
Fought to not get too depressed on the 5 July – mixed results.
Eventually restabilised today the 6 July.

The blog isn’t the only thing that suffered – pretty much everything I was planning to do was. I’m still trying to reestabilish the finer points of my schedule. And all from one night of clubbing.

I occasionally get called a spoilsport or antisocial for refusing to go to parties or to go out late at night. That’s because while everybody else would recover in one day, it can take me four days.

What other people expect of me is not fair on me. They don’t pay the price, I do.

Did I mention I don’t like the holiday seasons. Same as the clubbing above, except the recovery time is measured in weeks.

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