Is it Ok to Febreze One’s Dog?

I ask this because I don’t bathe the doggies when I’m depressed. And they live inside the house. And they get to smelling rather, um, doggy. And Febreze is an odour neutraliser, right?


4 thoughts on “Is it Ok to Febreze One’s Dog?

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  1. From Wikipedia: “Febreze: However, caution should be taken when used around birds, and pets other than dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits and rodents.”

    I know that there are some odor neutralisers for cat litter, I am quite sure there are things like that for dogs too that aren’t harmful.


  2. I don’t currently own dogs, but I used to rescue and find homes for many various types of dogs. Many despised baths especially in the cold new england winters. The shelter I worked with suggested ‘bathing’ them in baking soda. To do this, take the dog outside and sprinkle it all over their coat and lightly rub it in, preferably before the start of a walk (since it can be dusty and the walk helps to get off all the excess). This is also the secret for removing skunk smell if they are ever sprayed, use ‘grease busting’ dish soap mixed with baking soda – you will never use tomato juice again!
    PS thank you for your website, I recently found it and it’s been incredibly helpful!


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