Just Try It…. Hah!

I am beginning to hate the phrase “Just try it and see what happens” as much as I hate the phrase “Think positive”.

This phrase is usually uttered by people who are trying to help me by suggesting  something that is (a) usually wacky and ridiculous, for example “Have you tried massages to help you with depression?”, or (b) something I have tried in the past, often a few times, but which is now supposed to magically work because someone suggested that I try it again.

I’ve been actively dealing with my mood swings since I was diagnosed fifteen years ago. I bet you that I’ve tried pretty much everything you have suggested. Except the patently stupid ones, like nooni juice.

More to the point, I have far far far more experience on what may happen than you do, because I’ve lived through what you are about to suggest at least a few times.

I don’t need to try something to see what will happen, I can draw upon 15 years of experience to predict what will happen. And guess what? When I try it, my predictions are usually right, because I am an expert on being bipolar and on attempting to stop or alleviate the mood swings. A professional, if you wish.

If you don’t believe I have the experience, here’s what – I want you to touch the hot stove every morning to see if it won’t burn you. I want you to just try it every day and see what happens. Because it doesn’t matter what past experience says – you have to try it each day to see what happens. Because you never know, one day it might not burn you.

Won’t take me up on my suggestion, will you? Then why the hell are you trying to inflict the same crazy nonsense on me by telling me to try something and see what happens?

So, please please please stop insisting that I try something if I say it isn’t likely to work or didn’t work before. What you mostly are to me is irritating, and if I go along with you, I am wasting my time and resources just to please you, when I could be attempting something that I really haven’t tried before.

4 thoughts on “Just Try It…. Hah!

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  1. Light boxes are a favorite suggestion of mine. Multiple antidepressants aren’t working, but surely light will help! Not to mention that the last thing I want to do when I’m depressed is sit in front of a lamp for 30 minutes.


      1. I should. If only that really worked. Netflix as therapy? Sign me up. Maybe I should wrangle some grad students to test it out and have them pay me to see what happens. Viva la experimental psychology!


  2. I really get what you are saying. Please, please will you “professionals” just listen to me….I’ve been dancing to this song for 20 years and believe me, I can tell you whats gonna happen before it does. And, yes – the stove is always hot.


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