One Month of a Mood Chart

This page follows one month of my mood chart from December 1998 to January 1999.

As you read it check out the following items:

I kept track of emotional stability, productivity / functionality, and medication I was taking.

I kept some very brief notes on how I was feeling right there in the diary for reference. This was mostly because I wasn’t keeping a diary at the time, but two months later the notes were very handy in deciphering what my mood chart meant.

The table below shows the mood chart for the month. The Emotional Scale and Functionality (Productivity) Scale are explained in detail on the Mood Chart System page.Date
E – Emotion Scale
(0-Depressed, 5-Normal, 10 – Manic)
P – Productivity Scale
(0-Nonfunctional, 3-Normal, 5- Manic)
M – Medication taken Diary Notes
This are just sketch notes to supplement the mood chart information. It was not a true diary. Comments on the diary.
(The words functionality and productivity are used interchangeably)
Tue 22 Dec 98
E – 1
P – 0
M – No medication Did not leave house. Started off non functional and depressed, at the bottom of my cycle. Just before Christmas. Was not taking medication either.
Wed 23 Dec 98
E – 1
P – 2
M – No medication Got out and did some work. Really hard to do so. Functionality up even though emotional level still very low.
Thur 24 Dec 98
E – 3
P – 3
M – 100 mg Tegretol / 4 hr. Went to work. Was able to concentrate to get some stuff done. Still down, but pulling out of the cycle.
Fri 25 Dec 98
E – 4
P – 3
M – 100 mg Tegretol / 4 hr. Did everything I should do. A bit sluggish, but not too much so. Continuing up out of the depressive part of the cycle, nearly normal.
Sat 26 Dec 98
E –
P –
M – No entry in diary. I ain’t no more perfect than the rest of you.
Sun 27 Dec 98
E – 6
P – 2
M – 100 mg Tegretol / 4 hr. C. passes by. Great sex. Leaves me feeling good. Notice I cycle directly into the direction of mania. No true “normal” period.
Mon 28 Dec 98
E – 9
P – 4
M – 100 mg Tegretol / 4 hr. Okay at work, but truly hyperactive at T. christmas party. Friends keep me in line and L. drives me home in my car. Hypomanic.
Tue 29 Dec 98
E – 6
P – 3
M – 150 mg Tegretol / 4 hr. Okay at work. Memory has started to fail. Speaking has become difficult. I don’t usually have a manic spike like on 28 Dec. But I increased my dosage of Tegretol to compensate for the mania and probably avoided staying manic longer.
Wed 30 Dec 98
E – 6
P – 3
M – 150 mg Tegretol / 4 hr. Like Tuesday.

The remainder of the chart is still to be entered.

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