Seroquel: Effects and Side Effects

You are going to sleep a lot!

If you are planning to take Seroquel (quetiapine), expect that you are going to sleep an awful lot. So much so, that you should assume that you won’t be able to do much of anything for 5-7 days after you start taking it. No office work, no social activities, no house work. Don’t even assume you’ll be able to do little everyday tasks.

Two dogs sleeping on chequered mat

The only thing I did in the first five days is sleep, stagger groggily around the house, sleep more, feed the dogs, eat, and then take meds and go back to sleep. Really. For five days.

It started improving somewhat after the 5th day, but slowly. If you decide to take Seroquel, I recommend that you…

  1. Take vacation for at least 2 weeks.
  2. Tell people that you will not be able to attend any social activities for two weeks.
  3. Hand over all the tasks that you do at home to someone else. This includes tasks like taking out the garbage or doing dishes or cooking.
  4. Don’t expect to be able to drive.
  5. If you have responsibilities elsewhere, hand them over temporarily to someone else for about 2-3 weeks.

You may not be able to supervise or take care of children or pets for at least a week, so make sure someone else is able to do that. I am not kidding. You are likely to be that groggy.

Start with a low first dose and increase it slowly

Talk with your psychiatrist about starting with a low dose at first (maybe 50-100 mg Seroquel per day) and slowly increasing in 50 mg steps every 2 days until you reach the prescribed dose. That way you have time to get used to the Seroquel.

If your prescribed dose is higher than 300 mg, slowly increasing your dose in steps extends the amount of time you’ll be out of commission. Assume that for each additional 50 mg step past 300 mg, you’ll need 1-2 days extra vacation.

If you start off by taking a dose of 200 mg or more, there’s a good chance you’ll sleep for upwards of 20 hours the first night. I was prescribed an initial dose of 200 mg and I then slept for 32 hours! Sleeping for so long is scary and kinda traumatic.

The sleepiness and the grogginess may make you want to stop taking Seroquel. But wait for a 2-3 weeks before deciding – the extreme sleepiness and grogginess passes with time. Contact your psychiatrist to adjust your dose if you find the grogginess is excessive after this time.

Standard uses, standard dosage, and side effects for Seroquel and Seroquel XR.

Seroquel increases my Productivity

When I take Seroquel, it allows me to make decisions and make things happen. It feels more like something that helps to increase my productivity – more like a focusing and doing aide. For me, Seroquel feels more like an anti-manic or a mood stabiliser – very similar in action to Tegretol.

Seroquel also works as an anti-anxiety drug, and makes me noticeably less anxious and less fearful of people – so I’m more likely to call someone, answer my phone, send or reply to an e-mail, write a business letter, call a friend, or feel comfortable talking to people generally.

…but still makes me groggy

So, if I can communicate with people more and get more done, then this is great, right? Well, it’s not quite a free ride. Even after becoming accustomed to the Seroquel, I still felt groggy during the day. In fact I felt like falling asleep every time I sat down, though it didn’t interfere with the stuff I wanted to get done.

I found that getting out of chairs can be an effort – it requires me to have two hands on the arm rests and to make a deliberate effort to stand up. I also tend to lean against things when I’m standing up.

and causes sugar cravings

One of the odd side effects of Seroquel is that I have to have sugar every 1 1/2 to 2 hours – if I don’t get the sugar, I get wan, light headed, and groggy enough to pass out.

This means that when I wake up, I have a cup of sweet hot chocolate (2 heaping teaspoons of sugar), and then throughout the day I drink hot chocolate every two hours or so. Or have biscuits (Pepperidge Farm Brussels cookies, yum!). Or Coke. It’s a pretty high sugar intake daily and it seems to be necessary.

Oddly enough, coffee doesn’t seem to have a noticeable effect in stopping the grogginess. Nor does a regular meal like lunch, unless I have a Coke or juice with it.

and chapped lips

The other noticeable side effect has been if I don’t drink enough fluids, I get chapped lips and dry hands. Given that I drink so much hot chocolate, this hasn’t been a big deal, but I’d recommend that you keep moisturising cream and a tube of lip balm close by because the chapped lips can be painful.

A dose of Seroquel makes me very sleepy

I take my dose of Seroquel XR (200 mg) on evenings around 6:00 – 6:30 pm. Once I  take it, the Seroquel causes me to fall asleep within 2-3 hours, so that I am usually in bed between 8:00 pm and 9:30 pm.

The time before I fall asleep is fairly variable and has varied from as little as 1 hour after taking the meds to up to about 4 1/2 hours.

Crucially, there is very little time between when I realise the Seroquel is going to knock me out and when it actually does – there’s about 15 minutes between when I start feeling groggy and when I fall asleep. The sleepiness is intense and it is extremely difficult to fight to stay awake.

and messes with my social life

What this means is that after I take Seroquel I can’t drive at all – I may fall asleep at the wheel. It also means that if I want to do any social activities after 6:00 pm, someone has to provide transport and I may very well fall asleep at a restaurant or in the cinema or at a cocktail party. Or I may stagger around groggily, looking very much as if I am drunk.

Since the time between when I take the Seroquel and when I fall asleep is so variable, I can’t accurately predict if I will be okay when I go out. After a few attempts at socialising where I fell asleep or was extremely groggy, I found it easier to simply stay at home after taking the dose of Seroquel.

Yes, I could take the medications later than 6:00 pm. But how late? Suppose we say about 10:30 pm, so I can go out with friends for dinner.

…and screws up the next day if I take a late dose

With the Seroquel, I consistently sleep for about 9-10 hours every night. If I take the dose at 6:00 pm as I do now, and fall asleep at around 8:30 pm, then I will get up at about 5:30 – 6:00 am. After coping with the groggy morning (all mornings are a bit groggy on Seroquel), I am able to start the day about 8:00 am. Not too bad.

If I take the Seroquel dose at 10:30 pm and fall asleep immediately, I’ll wake up 7:30 – 8:00 am. Add in two hours of being somewhat groggy on awakening and I’m not ready to face the morning until about 9:30 – 10:00 am. That’s a little late to get the day started, and leaves me out of sorts and fairly unproductive for the rest of the day.

…really messes with my social life

Bottom line – If I go socialising with friends to even a moderate hour on evenings and take the Seroquel dose on returning home, I lose the following day. If I take the dose before going out with friends or while out with them, I may fall asleep while socialising.

After a while, I started suggesting to friends and family that we meet for breakfast, or lunch, or a coffee at 4:00 pm.

I can’t exercise on mornings

It turns out that I also can’t exercise on mornings. The grogginess that bothers me on mornings affects my coordination and can leave me staggering about like a drunken man. It’s not a state conducive to exercise. The grogginess effect wears off during the day, so the best time to exercise is the 3-4 hours before I next take my medications.

and travel requires careful planning

If you plan to travel, the grogginess and tendency to fall asleep matters. When I had to travel, I had visions of falling asleep in the airport and missing my flight. Or having flight attendants being unable to wake me at the end of the flight. Or staggering up to an Immigration official as if I was drunk or drugged.

The concern was sufficient that I temporarily stopped taking the Seroquel a few days before I started on my vacation travel.

More prosaically, I wonder if people taking Seroquel who have subway or train or bus rides fall asleep and regularly miss their stops.

My daily schedule on Seroquel…

I suppose I could adjust the organisation of my day so that I can use my evenings more, but I am not sure how. With Seroquel, there seems to be a fixed amount of time that I spend asleep or groggy, about 10-12 hours a day and that amount doesn’t seem to decrease with ongoing Seroquel use.  The only trade off seems to be between having more awake time on an evening vs. on a morning. Here’s my daily schedule

  • 6:00 am: Wake up.
  • 6:00 am – 8:00 am: Wander around the house groggily and out of focus.
  • 8:00 am – 6:00 pm: Do regular activities during the day
  • 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm: Take medication – Seroquel XR (200 mg).
  • 6.30 pm – 9:30 pm: Stay home and do stuff /  relax until I fall asleep.
  • 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm: Go to bed

Any time I go to sleep later, I wake up later, and the regular activities of the day start later. It’s more like I am rotating the entire schedule rather than adjusting or fine tuning it. That rotation may work better for some of you, but I like the relatively early start of the day.

Should you take Seroquel?

Once, I get past the initial sleepiness, Seroquel does work as a mood stabiliser – it makes me more able to focus, and more able to get things done, and it allows me to interact with people more easily.  I get more done and I keep in contact with the people more reliably.

However, balanced against the productivity is the sleepiness / grogginess that never completely went away and which remains an intrusive element in my life. I definitely gain functionality, but I also lose half the day to sleep.

Whether taking Seroquel is a net benefit depends on how functional / productive you are. If you are currently not very functional or have high anxiety, then half a day where you are capable of working and interacting with people is definitely a benefit.

If however, you are already fairly productive, or if you are capable of dealing with people without anxiety, then gains in clarity of thought and reduced anxiety may not outweigh the ongoing sleepiness / grogginess.

If I take any medication regularly, I develop a resistance and it stops working.
That’s why I stopped taking Seroquel.

You might feel cold when coming off Seroquel

For about six days after I stopped taking Seroquel, I complained a lot about feeling cold. A lot. Didn’t matter where I was.

It’s always hard to pinpoint what causes a symptom, and after coming off Seroquel, I’d been getting very little sleep. But the complaints of being cold…

  1. Only started after I came of the Seroquel, and
  2. I’ve handled sleepless nights before with fairly mild aftereffects, and
  3. The temperature here had been 24-30 degrees Celsius (75-85 F).

I’ve put feeling cold as a possible side effect of coming off Seroquel. Any feedback in the comments would be appreciated.

last updated 5 Jan 19

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  1. It’s interesting you mention the sugar intake – my boyfriend is taking Seroquel, and I’ve noticed that he’ll pass on healthy food in favor of sugary stuff. I wonder if it’s because the sugar reactivates the melatonin levels in your brain – giving you a sugar “high” ?

    I kind of wish it weren’t that way – the meds are doing enough damage to his body and I’m concerned about his insulin levels now.

    It’s a dual-edged sword.


    1. It feels more like going from nearly catatonic to being able to stay awake – there is no sugar high effet. I’ve no idea what the underlying biological chemistry is – I’m just reporting what I feel.

      Seroquel is implicated in causing Type II Diabetes. I’d suggest that your boyfriend consider regular (monthly or bimonthly) fasting glucose blood tests for a while to track any possible variations.


    2. When I hear of anyone on the drug Seroquel I panic.This is poison. It killed my adopted son who had was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. He was bi polar and had many issues..The last drug given to him was Seroquel. First came weight gain (100 lbs) over the 5 years he was on it. Within 6 months of taking it he would have spikes in blood sugar levels as high as 800. He developed pancreatitis. He went on insulin to control it. At the time we did not relate this issues to the drug. He said it made him feel better and he couldn’t sleep without it. Then several diabetic comas and bouts of pancreatitis excessive sleeping developed sleep apnea and had to have a cpap mask. He loved the drug.and there must be some feel good stuff in there. Basically it killed his pancreas and him. Please be aware of this if you are on this medication.. The makers of the drug Astra Zeneca know this. They paid us 87 thousand dollars. They make billions off this drug. I would bet my life that nobody that is associated with the manufacturing or research or corporate executives or any of their family members take this drug..


      1. Ive been on sequel xr for years now. I get blood work done yearly, I try to work out control what I eat. I have gained 8 pounds in the past 5 years. There had to be more going on then just Bad Drug addition as your picturing. This drug Has help me control my mood swings, I am able to hold a job, and sustain a meaningful relationship because of this medication. It says in the warining labels can effect blood surgar, hense annul blood test to see if there are any complications to catch it early.


      2. I am glad you posted this .. My husband got prescribe for this drug . But he felt very weak after he took couple days and he slept like a baby .. I stopped giving him because I felt it has Mazor side effect


    1. Nice try. However, the term “recluse” and the term “crazy” often go together for a reason – as we shy away from society, our behaviour starts to deviate from the social norms. It’s not clear to me that we can fit the social norms exactly, but we are better off trying to fit in, and if we do, chances are we’ll have richer lives.


      1. @c: In a completely non-ironic (and non-troll) way, could I ask if this works in providing an acceptable lifestyle? ‘Cause if it does, could you give me some pointers – I do advocate fitting in, but it IS tiring.


    2. I just wanted to say thank you to Patrick. you have relieved my worries about this drug not killling me or causing me massive weight issues.I am thin and was worried about gaining weight because sadly enough it leads to insecurities in me and low self esteem.


  2. One thing to note: the road to being yourself doesnt means it is debris-free. It is, if not, harder than trying to fit in. So why try at all? Why bother all this uphill nonsense of it all? Because at the end of the day, it gives us a reason to live.


    1. @c: You are right about the reason to live part, though I describe it slightly differently. Every year I crash and burn about three or four times. So three or four times every year I have try to rebuild my exercise program, catch up on work, apologise to friends and family I’ve ignored, see if I can salvage the projects I’ve been working on, and lose 15-20 pounds. And I don’t always succeed – there are things that drop out of my life or are put on hold indefinitely.

      Yeah – it is extremely exhausting and heart breakingly frustrating to know that I am expending all this energy just to stay in one place – it’s like a Red Queen situation. There are days when the self pity crashes in and I really really don’t want to get up and rebuild my life again KNOWING that in a month or two I’ll have to do it all over again. Again.

      The only thing that keeps me getting up each time is the knowledge that this isn’t a game or a class or a race or a job. It’s my life. To me, giving up trying means…what exactly? Giving up living? Honestly, that idea terrifies me. If the desire for a rich fulfilling life is the carrot I dangle in front of myself, the terror is the big stick just behind me as well.

      With regards to being yourself / fitting in, I’m wondering if we are talking somewhat at cross purposes. I didn’t intend fitting in to mean “be like other people / conform”. I intended it at a slightly more building block or root level – more along the lines of “make sure you can have a conversation without sounding wacko” or “be able to understand why people are showing the emotion they are”. And I mention these because I don’t always get it right. Fitting in for me means getting the social glue right, so we can then explain ourselves as endearingly eccentric or consciously individualistic rather than just being seen as weird. My apology for not stating it right the first time (and for being unable to just stop writing).

      Thanks for writing to me. Much appreciated.


      1. Basically it is all about perspective. One could do the same thing but have a different approach and mentality. I can either think of it as a big reset button or a time for me to transform and evolve. For us, the only difference from the rest is just that we goes through the pupa stage of a butterfly life significantly more times. When you stop clinging to the idea of normalcy (what is normalcy anyways?), of trying to control a whirlwind, it is then you realise, nothing is constant and permanent, and you relax and actually enjoy “life”, look at things with a step back and whatever comes your way, simply comes your way.


      2. I’ve found a good way to prevent the Red Queen syndrome you describe and keep on top of things through the crests and troughs, as it were.

        There’s a book called “Getting Things Done” by David Allen, which is designed for executives, but I’ve found that his method — which is surprisingly simple and intuitive — also works for the problems that accrue in an ADD/Bipolar life.

        The GTD method, combined with Omni-Focus software, allows me to fully externalize everything I have to do, so that it’s off my mind but it still gets done!

        You will not be able to implement GTD during a trough, and attempting it at the top of a crest will be difficult b/c you’ll find yourself going down rabbit holes, but if you tackle it on the upswing, you can get it in place.

        I’d recommend looking into it.


      3. Jinnah. I’m aware your response is nearly three years old but it sums up my feelings. I would like to contact you by email


  3. thank you for your articles, they are so helpful! I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder 6 months ago and have been given Seroquel straight away. I have stopped taking my medication last month as it was becoming way too difficult to manage my life on medication.
    Seroquel left me tired and lifeless the first month and it did not get much better after 4 months of treatment. I was given 25g to start with (without any indication on how it would affect me! you can imagine my surprise when I woke up after 15h of sleep, coming off an hypomanic phase when I was sleeping 5h a night!) and slowly built up to 150mg. Even on such a small dose, I felt gloomy all the time and really scared of people and of going out in busy places particularly. I couldn t cope with the pace of my job (I am a teacher and at times, it can be a pretty demanding job) and was tired of pretending to smile and to monitor my moods just to appear normal.
    It was a real shock to my system even if it helped me to rebuild my life and take control of my finances.
    I am trying to control my moods and to give myself a bit of space when I am unwell and your blog and website helped me a lot to feel less guilty about not always be able to cope. Thanks again!


    1. I was diagnosed with bipolar aswell june 3 2009. i was put on olanzapine on a high dosage. i ran out 2 month ago and had no dr nothing, the hospitals wouldnt even give me refills …i went 1 month without. the first week i was fine but the next 2 and a half weeks, i went through extreme withdrawls. i HIGHLY recommend to not go ont it. olanzapine also has alot of side effects…id rather be sleeping for 14 hrs then feeling the way i did again…good luck with this…also do not go lithium, im on it and at a high dosage and my liver is starting to fail, also high side effects


      1. What are your doses of lithium? Because there is no way that your liver will start to fail on the doses given to people with bipolar disorder… perhaps have a blood test and see if you do not have heavy metal poisoning from the lithium (which is a heavy metal). Lithium is the standard treatment for people with bipolar disorder, please do not advocate that people who are suffering with bipolar disorder stop taking lithium, because they will listen to non-medical advice. My body doesn’t tolerate lithium, but it is successfully used in most patients with bipolar disorder and is preferred to anti-convulsants as a mood stabiliser due to the very few side effects.


    2. Medications that are not right with your certain metabolic make up will react in the opposite way. You may think its good but realize it does more harm to your mood and makes you worry more and then the depression comes back.. That all means that is bad for you. I took welbutrin for 15 years and then one day my meds stopped working and my depression got bad and almost killed myself over it. I came off it and was fine but still needed a mood stabilizer. Doctors say if things don’t feel right call them. The give those warnings of the opposite affect because everyone is made up of different chemical compounds.


  4. Seroquel makes me so tired it is nearly impossible to function. I take 150 mg. and end up sleeping for 12 hours and am groggy all day even with Starbucks. I think about using it for only those times the depression gets bad, but am afraid to be without it.


    1. I’ve found I can’t operate on even 50mg/day. Not with my job.

      I now use 25mg, and most nights I split that in half!

      It doesn’t stop the roller-coaster, but it flattens it out enough that I can live my life.

      Yes, I still have times when I want to check out of this life, yes I still have times when I’m bouncing all over, but I can now get 6 hrs of good sleep w/ a half dose (which is more refreshing than 8 hours of sleep w/out it b/c my sleep-wake barrier was so thin) and with a full dose on weekends I can get 8+ hrs sleep.

      I hate the lows, but I know how to survive them, and with the highs controlled somewhat I can take advantage of the creativity they offer.

      Still stressful, but better. And in my opinion, also better than the zombie-life I get from high doses.


      1. Hello Lazlo, I know this was 3 years ago but you’ve described my feelings perfectly. I just started on Seroquel xr two days ago, and they started me on 150mg. I’m sitting here at work wondering if I’m actually here or asleep in my bed dreaming. I want so badly for this to work, to help me find a middle and even me out but I’m not sure I can wait out the groggy.


    2. I also battle with the amount of time I spend sleeping. I am on 300mg of seroquel and also Stilnox in the evenings to sleep- even when I was on 100mg of seroquel and no sleeping tablets, I slept 20 hours a day. I am now sleeping 10-12 hours a day, but whilst being a student at university again it makes it so difficult to function. I feel like a zombie in the mornings and very often wake up late/over sleep- I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF THIS and how it has impacted my life, I have to work twice as hard compared to a “normal” person.


  5. I really laughed at the staggering around the house in the morning, I do that too. Been on seroquel for almost a year & my Dr. just upped my dosage to 300 mg & ever since I still stagger in the morning but then I start feeling a bit manic which is scary. I also totally relate to the sugar thing! I mean, it’s just insanity!!


  6. Hi. I have recently been put on this for about a month now. im still extremely tired all the time but i think thats because of the time i take my meds. i have a 3 year old daughter . and i dont take my meds till i know shes asleep, wich latly isnt till 11 pm for some reason. It will knock me out within a half hour and im only at 50mg one tablet right now. ive tried coffee all through out the day to wake me up and it usually takes about 6 large black cups to do it and then also ive been having sugary items or drinks every hour or 2. i cant seem to hang of it. the only side effect besides the sleeping that i have been having is the head aches once in awhile. its hard to socialize when you have the disorder i have and being on these meds.does anyone have any advice??


  7. I’ve been taking a low dose of Seroquel for a couple of months. Took some time to adjust the dosage so that I can sleep but I’m not a zombie the next day (my job requires that my mind be active and creative almost as soon as I wake up).

    But here’s an odd thing that’s popped up which might be a side-effect: I can no longer keep track of days of the week in my head. I have to look at my watch or computer or ask someone.

    Anyone else had anything like that happen?


  8. I have just discovered this blog and it makes happy. Where i live there is such a stigma to bipolar it is shocking. I am in and out of hospital quite frequently because my case is rather severe, and I was asked by my boss before my last admittence (i was discharged on Friday last) if i was discharged’dischargeddepressed again’!

    I envy you guys for being able to almost function on only one kind of mess a day. Seroquel is the latest addition to my proud collection of meds. I started off on only 300mg of epilim a day, but soon my dose had to be upped and it went on and on from there. I haven’t had any serious side effects, but i do sleep very well on seroquel (meaning a good 7 hours).I am now taking an astounding 7 tablets a day to simply stay semi-sane.

    Thank you for sharing your stories.


  9. Seroquel should only be taken if the benefits outway the risks for you. In my case I have had to try many different medicine combinations and it always seems to come back that I need Seroquel along with Cymbalta. I take 400mg Seroquel XR daily. My doctor told me it must be taken 1 hour before eating or 2 hours after eating because your stomach needs to be empty. If you don’t follow the time constraints, you will mess yourself up! The medicine is extended release, but if there is food in the stomach, it starts releasing at a much faster rate. Therefore, not only will you get sleepier sooner, but the medicine may not stay at high enough levels in your system to get you through until the next dose. My routine has to be almost set in stone in order for me to get the required amount of sleep, because yes, this medication will make you sleep hard for 8-12 hours depending on your body. I don’t eat anything after 2:30pm, so I can take my Seroquel at 4:30pm. I eat dinner between 5:30pm and 6:30pm. I’m falling asleep anywhere between 8pm and 9pm. I get up at 6am and yes I’m groggy for about 30 minutes, but then I start getting awake and I feel like I had good sleep, vs bad sleep where you toss all night and don’t really get rest. If I take my meds any later, I am so screwed up the next day. I don’t get to sleep early enough, and then I can barely get out of bed at 6am. I have learned that I need this medicine, so I have to just adapt to the time constraints and live with it. I have gained weight on Seroquel, and I do seem to crave sweets and carbs. The only other problem I’ve had is that I developed an ulcer from the Seroquel and I had to go on medicine for that.


  10. Hi I have been taking 5omg of it as well as my normal anxiety med during morning. First 3 days I felt amazing confident. Friendly and less aggressive. . Now the fourth day im cranky as and fell asleep driving in the morning and same in afternoon. . I take it at 10 b4 bed and now am fearful to drive in case I fall asleep… help please also sugar cravings r like crazy… does this stop


  11. I’ve been taking prozac 20mg with 10mg Adderall XR x2 a day and have felt pretty good. Mood is good, confident, energized, no negative thoughts. But I had to take prozac because I couldn’t fill my original prescription of Seroquel 300mg after my hospital stay and I was on it for about 3 weeks then switch to prozac. Went back to Doc and she thinks the prozac is causing mania stage and that is why I feel so elevated. Confused, I figured I’ll keep rolling with the current prozac/adderall because I feel great and if the mania crashes into a valley then I’ll start taking the seroquel, seems like that’s the best way to fully determine whether I am bipolar or just have major depression. Anybody have any thoughts, would appreciate any feedback.


  12. Hello,

    My boyfriend has just been prescribed Seroquel @400/day. He’s to take one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and two before bed. He was in the midst of a very manic episode. He was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, took Ritalin, and hated it. His doctor is not sure if he has BP/PTSD/ADHD or some combination, but the mania was getting so bad he hadn’t slept in days and could not shut his racing brain down.
    So my problem is, here is a man who has never really been medicated, and if it weren’t for his suffering of late, would not accept the medication as a possible option. I suffer from MDD, so I know that it is a long, winding road to find out what meds work for you and what “cocktail” will help, and I am afraid that all this sleepiness (it’s only been a couple of days) will scare him off the Seroquel and then we’d be right back where we started. He is adamant he does not want to be a zombie.
    I am wondering if his dr. will dial back the dosage if he feels better when he goes back next month? He is a vibrant, clever, funny man when he is doing well, and he hasn’t had a manic episode in over 4 years. I just don’t want to see him in a chemical straitjacket.


  13. I have just started taking Seroquel for severe anxiety or rather i felt like i was having a breakdown. It doesn’t make me that groggy or tired as i expected. I found the Avanza (antidepressant) was worse especially for the first hr after a dose and also the food craving where much worse, could have eaten a cardboard box. Still feeling symptoms does anyone know how long it takes before seroquel has reached it’s maximum affect i have heard it can take months.


  14. It’s so interesting, at how you pretty much say it knocks you out for long periods of time first night I took Seroquel (200mg) I only slept a few hours which wasn’t enough. I am not taking 1,000mg at night or 1,200mg if manic (at some points it wasn’t enough and also took 100mg Trazadone) and during the day I take 200mg my Dr said its A neurological thing that I obviously needed this much Seroquel. Guess I should be thankful I don’t sleep that much!


  15. This is a fantastic article and one of the first I have read that puts Seroquel in a good light! I am 20 years old and have been on Seroquel for nearly two yrs for paranoid schizophrenia, anxiety and deppression and i can honestly say it has changed my life. At first it was difficult to deal with the constant grogginess however it does get easier. unfortunatly you will always find it hard to get up in the morning and it takes about 2 hours to fully wake up. however if you are on XR (slow release) you may get the feeling of being constantly tired. Another thing to be aware of is that you may get mild hallucinations when you first start taking Seroquel however these pass in the first 2 weeks.


  16. What a thorough presentation of Seroguel. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I just started the med a week ago to supplement a major depressive episode and am struggling with the grogginess as well. Your information, and your schedule in particular, gives me a really good tool to start to figure out what will work for me. My challenge is having 4 kids to get to bed and also get up early for school. This is generally only a 7-8 hour window. At least now I have more information and a a place to start. Thanks again.


  17. There may be a solution to get up earlier and to be active : just put an alarm at 6 A.M and take a strong coffee. Give it a try !


  18. I really appreciate this blog to. I am 28 with two children and have recently been put on seroquel for mild bipolar (type 2) I started on 25mg and that knocked me out, it was great I slept well and felt great through the day, almost a bit manic though and was a bit forgetful, I would start something then see something else that needed doing and just wonder off to do that instead, lol. I’m now up to 100mg and I don’t like it as much, it makes me really groggy when I get up in the morning and quite cranky with the kids. I’m off to see the doc in the morn, I’m going to ask if I can go back down. He said initially that 100mg is the lowest dose to help bipolar so I hope he does not take me off altogether. The other thing I really luv about it is I don’t crave other substances ie. alcohol or spice/pot. I have had substance abuse issues since I was 12 and this is the first time in my life that I honestly don’t want any substances, it is GREAT, I feel so “normal” and in control. I just don’t like the grogginess and crankiness of 100mg. Thanks, I just felt like sharing.


    1. sequel XR was a big difference for me the extended release needs a set schedule and routine to be the most effective. It takes months for your body fully to adjust to different doses. I have been on 300mg 1 a day at night takes about 3-4 hours to kick in for me to go to bed. ive been on it for 4 5 yerars or so, I get blood work done yearly to make sure everything is normal. and I watch what I eat cause weaigh gain is easy on serqul. Ive gained about 10 pounds in 5 years. some people can gain ALOT more though. My benfits away any risk.


      1. Hi Patrick! One of my friends has depressive psychosis and many different disorders; he is on Seroquel and has been on many different anti-psychotics, and none of them had worked for him. As I said, he is now on Seroquel, however it does not seem to be working. He doesn’t seem to sleep as much as the article said, and he also does not eat sugar. His doctor has put him on many different medicines and I’m getting very frustrated that none of them have worked for him. I have researched Seroquel, and you said that you have been on it for a while now. So, I am wondering if you have any advice on it and if you are able to tell me if you have had any difficulties with this medication!


    1. i had strange twitches in my jaw (i bit my tongue a few times lol) and strange sudden movements in my hands and fingers when i first started taking seroquel lol, it stopped after a while though…thankfully! 😛


  19. Here’s the deal folks, medication is going to be unique to everyone’s brain chemistry. These affects from this article are not the case for me. If you take more medication your will feel “medicated”. I am not a doctor however anyone who is sleeping 32 hours probably should adjust according (just saying) Your situation is unique. Dealing a with a chemical imbalance myself, I utilize a “lifestyle” treatment, relying on medication last. Since taking a very small amount of Seroquel, I have found that I am alert, sharp, and focused being more able to organize my thinking. I was hesitant at first because of the drug classification but it works. As well I should considering the price of this designer drug.


  20. My GP added 25mg Seroquel IR to my 100mg of Pristiq 3 weeks ago, and I’ve had a lot of difficulty with this drug. Obviously, the groginess is a problem. I’m a university student and it’s the business end of semester and I’m struggling to focus during the day. I can hardly study and when I go to the gym, I’m so exhausted when I return home that I can’t even think straight.

    I’m going to ask my doctor to take me off the seroquel because though it’s been fantastic for my insomnia and anxiety, I can’t cope with not being able to be productive.


    1. I think that will fade over time. Your system has to get used to it so don’t quit it immediately…unless you have waited a while.


  21. On day 3 of seroquel. Sure wish I was warned about how it affects me..included with all you talk about, I have lucid dreams and feel Im on another level of consciousness 24/7. Started on 50mg. up to 75mg. instead of 100mg. Supposed to be on 200mg. in 2 days??? please email me if you had this happen!!


  22. It gets way better after a year or so of taking it. The groggy have to go to sleep immediately wares off within that time, probably shorter. I can even stay up pretty late into the morning so 🙂 . I don’t feel knocked out anymore but I did when i very first started taking it and the first few months it would put me straight to sleep.


  23. ive been taking 150mg of seroquel for bipolar 2 maintenance for 4 yrs now. I absolutely LOVE this medication! its the first time in 20 years that ive have felt ‘normal’ and stress free. I have no anxiety or paranoid phobias, all of which disappeared within a couple of week of starting. It hasnt cured my mood swings, but i havent had any drastic episodes of either depression or hypers. I tend to ‘bounce around’ sometimes between low mood and slightly elevated at times. i guess this is the drug controlling the level of mood and stopping it developing into a major episode either way??
    I sleep like a baby although i sometimes have lucid nightmares, but they are a lot less frequent than before. The drowsiness wears off (or you get used to it lol) and provided I have had enough sleep, i feel great throughout the day.
    Negatives….3 stone weight gain 😦 sugar and carb craves, particularly when im in a low mood. i did experience sugar lows (sweating, palpitations, rapid heartbeat etc) earlier on in the medication, but i dont seem to experience this so much anymore.
    I also feel after 4 yrs that it is maybe not working as well as it did 😦 i have been in a swinging low mood/normal mood every few days for a couple of months now….maybe i need my dose increasing…..
    All in all, this medication changed my life 😉


  24. I have heard people say that the reason you notice all of these effects is that the additional poisonous (or even the actual main ingredient itself) is killing you. The horror stories that are available through case histories of almost ALL the people who have used this drug in large quantity is very difficult for the big pharma aholes to hide as much as they would like such insanity I am sure. Yet know that you can google them with ease yourself and see that this one seems to be like the psyciatric version of thalidomide or somesuch, almost as bad. Do yourself a favor before you dole this shit out in your practice, or consume this shit on the advice of another persons salary whose salary is tied to the income of the same companies that produce this garbage that is vastly innefective compared to many other compounds and practices to solve cognitive and psychiatric disorders, besides even with all their decades of research the big DSM book still does not have even one cure touted in all of it’s pages, how is that for selling us all down the river for the sake of a few dollars fiat currency.


  25. i took half of an extremely low dose (1/2 of 25mg) of seroquil for about 4 weeks. at the end of the 4th week i took a whole one which was only 25mg. the next day at work.. i literally passed out and was taken to the ER due to internal bleeding symptoms.. i am now on 3rd day of not taking it.. my stomach hurts, i cant get warm… the first couple of days when i started it – i felt it was a blessing becuz i slept so well.. the drug itself literally is out of my system in 6 hours.. but the last two weeks of taking it.. i felt confusion.. out of sorts… weak/faint and cold.. and yes the cookies sure did taste good.. couldnt get enough of double stuff oreos… i started having evening suicidal thoughts… and felt stiff all over… I am now drinking lots of fluids.. and after about 6 hours of being up… even after about 4 cups of coffee i feel extremely tired… but i will prevail.. lithium was not my friend either.. never did get beyond the lowest dose.. felt weak all the time… I am not sure why all these drugs are allowed on the market… regular exercise, healthy eating and weekly trips to my analyst to talk have helped me a lot more.. perhaps i am one of the lucky ones… i take a regular depression wellbutron 2x per day, buspiron x2 a day and .5 xanax four times a day.. in the early 90s i was given xanax and tho i am now on year 7 of this very low dose have been told i will probably never be able to get away from it… i truly suggest all of you to be careful… continue to ask questions… you know your body…. listen to it… i am appalled by an earlier post that a doctor would be mean to a patient…. tho i have witnessed it myself… tho not as intense… be strong all of you… unless you are hurting yourself in some are in charge of your care… but keep your regular doctor and your prescribing doctor in the loop of anything you do… all the best to you.. K


    1. If you are taking Wellbutrin, buspiron and Xanax at varying doses every day then I respectfully submit that it is possible that regular exercise, healthy eating ad weekly trips to your analyst to talk are not helping as much as you would like to think. Medication is not a cure but another tool in our box to help with a difficult illness, along with healthy lifestyle and therapy. Wellbutrin gave me a grand mal seizure which led to a trip to the er and an MRI whereas Seroquel has given me much fewer bothersome side effects at a low dose. I could rant about how Wellbutrin should be taken off the market but I realize that it does help many other people – it’s just not appropriate for me.


  26. i have been taking 600mg every night for about 11 years. my diagnosis was psychosis with a background of cannibis use. the meds almost completely stopped my positive symptoms and i have continued on the 600mg as a maintenance dose ever since. i have never missed a dose. its only today i googled tips for living on seroquel and found myself here. i have to completely agree with the op. i find that the drug takes between 30min and 3 to 4 hours to take effect. a long time to get to sleep some nights. i usually take with a fair amount of water and follow with a small amount of food. i will take the pills about 13 hours before i have to work the next day. 1 or 2 hours for sleep to happen. and then i set my alarm 2 hours before my shift starts. 1 hour to get awake and ready. 1 hour to get to work. it does take a bit of discipline sometimes.
    the drug does cause food cravings.. with this i just try to eat a small amount non fattening stuff like wheat cerial. i do eat too much sometimes.. i think the trick is to try to eat the right stuff and still eat sugar.. just a little. in the mornings i have a strong coffee, good breakfast and drink of water.
    my weight is ok for my height. you just have to keep an eye on the scales and try to keep it under control. i have to say that the drug has worked for me. it is far less nasty than the alternatives in its class. as another poster said its about balancing the side effects with your health to give the best quality of life possible. i have managed to keep a job down, complete a college diploma and have been in a pretty good relationship for some time now. its about finding what works for you and this drug just works for me.

    if i could talk to myself those years ago… i think i would say IT GETS EASIER 🙂 do the right things for yourself and get your life back.


  27. I have beenonSeroquel 200mg at night for 2 months and seroquel 25mg 3x a day for the same amount of time. It makes me very groggy and I also crave lots of sugar/carbs mostly at night.


  28. I would urge all bipolar sufferers, as myself who was also on seroquel, to take a serious look into “diet, nutrition for mental illness”. A good starting place is Phillip Day’s website who has the facts on the poison of psychiatric drugs, psychiatrists and big profits to be made at our expense. I am no longer on any bipolar medication, follow vegetarian, unprocessed food, juicing etc. I feel 100% well..I was a zombie for some 30 years! Don’t go there! It’s your life, your body, your choice! All bipolar medication is for big big profit and control! There is no test for bipolar in existence! So who makes the decision to put that label on you?….your psychiatrist! Does he know you 24/7? Deal with past issues, not mask who you really are! Just my opinion…I am now fully alive!! It’s wonderful….I’m back to life!!! 🙂 🙂


    1. Dawn, Please remember that it took you 30 years on your journey to reach your present state. What is most dangerous for us with mental health issues is that all or nothing – black or white approach or suggestion. It is wonderful you have reached the place you are in health-wise, but for others to try to go all out to be where you are at could be seriously disastrous! I would also add to all of the numerous entries ( thank you all so so much for your stories, your honesty) that I have found that the wholesome for me has been to continue to work with my Therapist. As long as I am honest and sharing with my Therapist, then I don’t have to worry about psychiatrists and pharmacuetical companies. From so many of the stories of how using all of our resources can give us a whole new life – that can include life saving medications- we have strength in sharing and caring knowing that our spiritual, mental, and physical health can include medications, therapy, psychiatrists (I thank God for mine), support groups, and online blogs. God bless us all! Greg, Santa Barbara


  29. Hi there fellow lifers 😉

    I’m currently on and somewhat been on these meds for 3 years now. Except I tried out lithium, did not work for me at all! So they put me on Orfiril Retard Depot 300mgx2 three times every day, Effexor in the morning 300mg (I’ve taken others antidep but without luck), seroquel depot 750mg every night and Tolvon 30mg every night. I’ve not noticed the grogginess the day after, but I notice the dizzynes if I’m a little “late” on any of them. But still im not quite there yet.. My diagnoses are Bipolar, Borderline personalities, Dissociative identities, PTSD, Anxiety(social, panic, catastrophic), eating disorder(starving/bulimia), Trichotillomania(not the hair so much, that have just happened in big time trigger episodes or full blown panic, but I pluck with tweezers, leaving big holes on my body), somewhat of ocd and I selfharm. I don’t know why the meds don’t make me “better”, I’m afraid to go out, being judge, hearing all the voices and the ironic thing is that deep down in my soul it feels like I’m supposed to be exposed.. Do any of you get that? I don’t feel I belong anywhere, I feel like a mutant in a human she’ll, with so many memories and visions that don’t belong to “me”.. I feel completely and utterly alone and unloved. Because no one is here for me, but I’m here for everybody else….


    1. I was reading thru these because my daughter (in grad school) is having a hard time with Seroquel. Your last few sentences sound sad. A bit like my daughter. I hope that you realize that you are lovable – and loved. Everybody seems to be focused on their own families, work, and issues and often don’t reach out. I hope and pray that you can see glimmers of happiness and that your support network will increase. I pray that you find hope and peace.

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      1. Thank you! I’m off seroquel now and my life is better. The darkness still control some parts of my life, but I’m learning to live with as hard as it is. The worst thing is having people using my illness against me.


  30. My bf taking Seroquel 50mg everyday -he told me that he is taking this med bc he suffer for insomnia.
    Is it ok to take this med for this?


  31. Hi everyone,

    Well I am not sure but first off Seroquel is an antidepressant registered to be working well for phase prohylaxis on bipolar disorder (maniac depression disorder). It does help to sleep but it also does inhibit other things.

    Seroquel ( is rather unmedically speaking lowering the absorbtion of serotonin (mayor neurotransmitter for feeling of happiness) and dopamine amongst others. So what it essectially does is for people having “happy” surges like in mania phase of bipolar patients, it loweres the abnormal absorbtion to a more normal level.

    Now for someone with “just” insomina that can go along with lack of motivation and all other side effects of Seroquel. Furthermore Seroquel will cause withdrow symptoms if you want to get off of it amongst which are insomina.

    So for long time use I would not recommend it for insomnia.


  32. Sorry I was mistaken, its not an antidepressant its an antipsycotic. So its suppose to help against psychiatric conditions.


  33. Hi Guys, I do take Seroquel for about a year I went from 300mg to 25 mg, there are days where I can not function at all, for one year while the dosage was been adjusted I felt great, now it is like if I am tired all the time, the mornings for me are terrible, my major energy and strenght shows up aroun 3 pm every day till 8 pm I try to do my best during that time. Taking the pills late at night messes my next day up, I am sad for being bipolar, it has been already 8 years. Today I cry, today I feel like when I see myself in the mirror I just see someone who is depressed and I was feeling that way before being on medication. I don’t know if my body is changing … My system or something, but I feel sick, tired, and sad. I also take lithium and dapekavo.

    Thank you guys… I just want a friend … My social life is a messy


  34. Well. I am the polar opposite in terms of sleep. I take 200mg of seroquel and I am as awake as an owl at night, I do get sugar cravings to the extreme. I law watching Dragonball Z till the sun burns me out of bed. I have given up in terms of sleep.


    1. You should ask your doctor if this is wise. Dissolving seroquel will make all the medicine immediately available to your body at once instead of being released over time.


  35. I take seroquel and quetiapine and the sleepiness thing doesn’t exist for me. The only downside is if I don’t take quetiapine before I go to bed I don’t sleep at all and will be awake all night. I take it before bed and it kicks in straight away. I believe your article to be misleading as everyone’s body reacts to medications in different ways, this is just your personal review of how it effected you. Some will experience the same effects as you some will not. I know I’ve been awake all last night trying to get to sleep desperately and now at 7am I remember I forgot to take my tablets last night. I definitely don’t have the sugar problem as a child or grew up on sugar but cut it out for a few months easily.


  36. I have been put on 25 mg of seroquel only at night but have been sleeping for four days and nights now my appetite has increased um by the way fast release i have bipolar


  37. Okay so my son’s 12 on Seroquel 300 milligrams it doesn’t touch him he doesn’t get sleepy he doesn’t do anything but get angry and I’m exhausted they Uppedicure it from 150 to 300 I thought he’d be out like a light not!!! 6 hours later nothing has anybody had the reaction of the opposite effect? Not sleepy but manic …angry…totally out of control !


    1. I take 1000 mg of Seroquel at bedtime. I oscillate between extreme daytime drowsiness about 2/3rds of the time with hypo-mania about 1/3rd the time which is actually a relief from the drowsiness. I cannot sleep at all on a lower dose. Yesterday my doc prescribed a low dose of adderall for the drowsiness. So far today I’ve only seen a marginal improvement, but we guessed we would have to up it. It is unsettling to be bi-polar I and taking adderall, but at this point I don’t feel like I have a lot of options. Seroquel is my favorite AP by far. I feel no cognitive degradation (I was on the Risperdal Consta injection for 4 years and could barely function).

      I will say that I take 200 mg of Lamictal for anger and for me it is an absolute wonder drug. I had very severe problems with anger and rage before I started taking it about 7 years ago now. After the first 6-9 months I had no side effects and even before that they were manageable for me. I’d get a little headache once in a while and would occasionally feel and odd little electric shock in my head a few times a day which felt weird and made me a little nervous, but the benefits were so astounding I stuck with it and have had zero side effects since that first year. They have to up the dose slowly so it takes awhile, but many people love it. I’ve heard people say it controls their mania and I’ve heard them say it doesn’t. For me, it doesn’t really seem to prevent mania, but the impact it has had on my rage and anger is nothing short of miraculous!

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    2. Sorry, I should probably have answered your actual question. For many people a middling dose of Seroquel does absolutely nothing. Seroquel is an odd drug in that a very small dose makes most people drowsiness to use as a sleep aid, but a somewhat higher dose will not make them drowsy AT ALL. This is normal with this medication. I have found that for me I have to find the upper limit which kicks in the drowsiness again and that differs person to person. Although I’m probably at least twice the size of your son I can tell you that 300 mg of Seroquel would be nothing to me. I may as well take a placebo at that dose. I don’t feel the drowsiness effect until I hit between 600-800 mg.

      I took 400 mg of Seroquel for several years in addition to the Risperdal Consta injection bi-monthly and 100 mg Trazodone for sleep (and of course 200 mg Lamictal which you would have to pry from my cold dead hands at this point). I finally did have to quit the Risperdal, because I was bordering on developing pseudo parkinson’s. I hated that medication, but it was keeping me out of the hospital so I stuck with it until even the people most invested in me sticking with my meds finally got concerned themselves. Unfortunately, taking Trazodone for many years has wreaked so much havoc on my sinuses I had to go to an ENT who told me I simply cannot take it anymore. I basically have an allergic reaction to it in the form of a sinus attack and very severe dryness. I have numerous polyps which if left un-checked could progress to cancer so even though it was great as a sleep aid and did not create too much un-due daytime drowsiness it is now out. This has also equaled $1000’s at the dentist on out of control cavities which commonly go out of control with prolonged and severe dry mouth.

      In conclusion I would ask your son’s doc about the possibility of Lamictal. The side effects are minimal and many many people absolutely love it. It may not solve every problem, but it just might put a damper on the anger. It could be a relief to you, but more so for him. Being angry all the time is a terrible way to live.

      As for the Seroquel, don’t necessarily be afraid to up the dose a bit, but be careful of daytime drowsiness. ALL medications are a compromise and it can really really suck, but you have to weigh the bad with the good, the risks with the benefits. I have a daughter at 13 who may or may not develop a mood disorder. Currently she takes a very lose dose of Ritalin and has since she was 7. So far that works for her. It seems to create enough consistency that she is able to get along, even if she is much less classically ADHD than she was at 7. In fact her shrink just divulged to us a few months ago that he was almost positive she was bi-polar when we brought her in at 7. BUT, a little Ritalin did the trick. He only saw her once every 6 months between 9 and 12 years of age. Now he sees her every 60 days just to make sure a mood disorder does not rear it’s ugly head, because they can develop very quickly and very quickly make a child very miserable and very at risk for all kinds of terrible things, even death unfortunately 😦

      I hope you find the right solution for your son. Unfortunately it can take a very long time. That is just the nature of mood disorders and psych meds. There are wide variances in the way medications affect different individuals. If you can accept that it may take 6 months if your lucky and up to 18 if you aren’t you will be in the right frame of mind to take on this battle. Stick with it, be patient, make changes slowly, and never give up! There is a good life on the other side of this thing. Really good life!


  38. To much fear, too much paranoia about this drug, not saying it’s harmless. I can titrate up to 600mg in 3 days and function fully, as far my depression allows. It makes me sleepy though.
    I tend for kids, pets, have a job…. All on 600 mg, even during the first week.

    It’s comes with some serious side effects, which could be justified if you are severely ill. Yes even metal illness can kill – and sometimes the side effects are justified because of it.
    Trust me, there are barely antipsychotics with a friendly side effect profile…if there are any.

    I suggest you look into Zyprexa…. Or Abilify. The last one is too new to exactly know the side effects. Thinks Melleral, it was only after several years that became known it could cause sudden death which made this drug, unknowingly, especially dangerous when taken with drugs that prolong the QT interval.

    Just my 2 cents


    1. I take 800 milligrams a day. For me it has been a miracle drug. After reading about teenage Schizophrenia I believe I was born with the disease. I am up against Christians that believe mental disease is caused by sinful thinking. If I stopped taking my Meds I would not be able to function at all. Lucky for me the Seraquel works, and I have very few side effects. It is my experience that it takes a couple of years for the medicine to work. The drug opens gates in the mind that allow you start over as a child and slowly reform the teenage years you would have had, had you not been ill. Part of my family is concerned the med will stop working and that I will get into reality trouble again. I have much more faith in the med than some of my family members.



  39. Hi Jinnah. Very good information. Do you take any medication after stop taking seroquel? If you don’t how many hours you sleep a night after stop talking seroquel and now?


  40. I just started this drug 3 nights ago at a low dose for sleep – 3/4 of a 25mg tablet. It knocks me out but the nausea , hot flush feeling and headaches require me to take T3’s the next day! Is this gonna improve?



    1. T3’s are definitely not the answer! Sometimes , too many times, we don’t immediately contact our doctor to report our symptoms. The symptoms you are experiencing at such a low dose tells me there is a lot going on with you. Also, see a counselor! Get the help you need my friend. Greg G

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      1. My doctor had me stop hydroxyzine 45mg cold turkey because you can’t take it at the same time as Seroquel – drug interaction. Also was taking klonopin 2-3 times a week. Maybe it’s more from stopping those two cold turkey?
        Thoughts my friend?


  41. The history of psychiatry is on the internet. The mechanism of these drugs is as well. If that alone does not deter you, the long-term publicized studies of these drugs, while scarce, is there. Save yourself while your brain and body isn’t totally injured. There’s nothing to see, but a sheath of deceit.


  42. My husband just began taking this and I found comfort in your post and would love to hear any updates ? Are you still on this medication? Thank you.


  43. I am back on Seroquel since yesterday. I had some experience with it years ago, to treat my Type 2 bipolar. It was extremely similar to what you describe – the morning grogginess comes, and there is NOTHING you can to do counteract it. So the proper answer was to take the medicine very early, before 7pm. I have a huge need for sleep – 10 hours a night – and at the same time I have chronic insomnia – I go to sleep at 4 am if I don’t take any medication – so it makes sense to take this medicine.

    However, the excessive sleepiness, combined with the nagging restless legs syndrome, was getting to me, so I stopped cold turkey after a month and had no harmful effects. Another thing I want to add is about dosage. It can work “paradoxically”. At 100 mg I had a lot less sedative effects but I had also a huge increase in appetite (I have sugar cravings anyway, but they increased) and craving for nicotine. At 200 mg I had none of those problems, though the sedative effect was too much. But what ultimately made me stop is that it did not counter the depression (bipolar type 2 is mostly depression).

    Years later I went to another doctor and she proposed 300mg, which could help for the bipolar. I was sedated for an entire day. Never more.

    Yesterday, my shrink told me I did try everything in the book against my bipolar depression, and admitted he was out of options. However, he was still obsessed to get me off my addiction to Xanax. So I proposed to him to go back to Seroquel, since the stabilization of my sleep cycle is highly recommended for depression. I told him about the 100mg/200mg issue and he said “you know, there is 150mg”. So we agreed to go on 150mg and taper off the Xanax.


    1. You have had the courage to be honest about your condition to the right professionals and you have been heard. I think you are on a great plan. I have been taking 150 mgs of Seroquel for a year and a half and I have found that I need to remember to take it early in the evening ( which I forget a lot, taking it later in the evening, not good because I want to sleep in way late in the morning). Right now I am blessed with having a job that doesn’t start until after lunchtime. I say, stay strong and get all the people you can who can support you and help you get off the xanax as your doctor is helping you with. I was also a drug and alcohol counselor and I commend you so highly for getting the professional help you have. Stay strong! You are on your way Paulo! Greg G


  44. Reblogged this on Beaunique and commented:
    Best description of being on Quetiapine I’ve ever read!

    I’m meant to be on 400mg a night (in the past when very ill I was 900mg and still didn’t sleep!). I am fairly well adjusted to my own mental health now, and I am good at knowing when I’m getting a little too high. So I do not take the 400mg a night. I am awake a lot due to pain these days & actually still wake up after a couple of hours on 100mg of quetiapine which is not easy to do! If I have been a lot of days without a good sleep, & find I’m recognising my signs of getting too high I’ll take it to get some sleep which tends to knock the mania on the head before it even gets to a proper hypomania stage.
    I am 40 in a couple of weeks & have suffered from bipolar from 8 years old. It’s only on the last couple of years and after dealing with a lot of stuff like childhood abuse that I’ve been able to really get a handle on my own mental health and moods, so I do not write this with the intention of convincing or advising anyone else stops their meds – just because it’s the for me now it may not be for you so please do not be influenced into stopping anything from my comment. This is purely about me.
    I was shocked the first time I took quetiapine because I am extremely hard to knock out, normal benzos tickle me at best, no medication has ever given me the drowsy feeling it does other people. So many years ago when I first got quetiapine & took my first dose, I laughed at the ‘may cause drowsiness’ to advice.
    The next thing I knew it was about 6 hours later & I had fallen asleep where I was sat. I had dried drool stuck to my face, a stiff neck, couldn’t even see properly. I somehow stumbled upstairs to bed and slept like I’d never slept before that point. I used to go to school on a couple of hours most of the time, I could easily get by on 2 hours days night regularly & so amazing.
    Amazing of course until this led to me being manic & out of control, then inevitably the down somewhere along the way.
    I had to get my mum to take my son I could not look after him. She tried to take me to his school sports day because it was his first one (he’s 22 in May so this is a lot of years ago), I am not kidding you – I could not see! I did get a tolerance to them, however I still got the a that this post explains – be places I’ve fallen asleep – & yes I once ended up missing my train station. I’ve also got in a taxi & slept the entire journey which unnerved me.
    Now if I take it to help me sleep I can take 100/200mg & keep better,but function as much as is needed living by yourself with no pets.
    I make sure it’s time I’ve not got hospital appointments etc because I couldn’t handle anything that big.

    Just one huge thing to note if you are on quetiapine & in my experience not any doctors know this, be extremely careful if you are prescribed antibiotics. I found out the hard way! You cannot take Clarithromycin or Eurithramycin antibiotics because they stop your liver from making ab enzyme cyp3 something or other, that enzyme breaks quetiapine down in your system. If you are taking both you’re effectively overdosing! I didn’t know what was happening to me, I couldn’t even see properly worse than when I started quetiapine, I had tunnel vision, I felt absolutely awful. I actually thought it was related to the infection I had so I rang the emergency doctor as it was out of hours & luckily he knew for the interaction & told me to stop taking the antibiotics immediately. If you absolutely need those antibiotics then it needs to be done so you’re reducing the amount of quetiapine you take in conjunction with your psychiatrist.


  45. Pingback: Deadra Pait
  46. Hi I take quitpine at 8 at night I keep waking up through the night does this mean the dose needs to be highered or do need to give it bit longer as it bin just over three weeks ?


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