Ketamine and Being High

Ok, the damned stuff is used as a recreational drug too.

What is the high like?
Well, it didn’t seem very impressive to me.

Ketamine does create the dissociative state that you will read about. It is hard to describe – my best description is that it is like standing about 6 inches outside your body and inhabiting your body at the same time. You don’t lose your ability to perceive things or to think, but it feels as if the world outside is at a remove, as if your body is a marionette you are getting information from and manipulating. You might be slower to interpret what your senses are telling you (so no driving) and your actual response time and coordination might be slow.

It is a curious experience, but if I had to describe it, I’d use the words unsettling or interesting rather than enjoyable.

In fact, if I wanted an enjoyable high, I’d choose a pint of Belgian Chocolate ice cream over the Ketamine.

Or one or two Vodka and Cranberry Juices instead.

In the wider scope, I’d usually shrug my shoulders and say ‘The experience wasn’t my thing, but hey, if you want to try it…’. However, given the problems I’m having with Ketamine to date, it seems to me that there must be other ways to have fun with less risk.

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