Jumping Through Hoops / Ketamine

Still trying to get a medically supervised test of Ketamine scheduled. Yeah, in a hospital and all that. Hopefully this will happen in the next two weeks.

Meanwhile I have…

(A) Got Blood Tests done.
My blood sugar is normal, and my lipid profile is ok and in the safe regions, although my LDL levels are too high. My thyroid indicators are non-standard, so my doctor (GP) has asked me to bring in any records that I have.

(B) Meanwhile, at the Psychiatrist
My psychiatrist has been unwilling to approve a prescription for the Ketamine because it has not been cleared by the FDA for use in depression. In fact, since it has not really been used for mood related disorders, my psych has not much experience with the Ketamine and is unwilling even to prescribe it as an ‘off label’ use.

(C) Got Stress Test done to test Heart function
Yup, I stayed 13 minutes on the treadmill (into stage 4) – not too shabby. Got signed off as no obvious heart condition to worry about.

(D) Then To an Anesthesiologist
Got referred to an anesthesiologist to ask if the Ketamine would be safe. Was told at the dosage I am suggesting, there should be no obvious issues.

(E) Been checking my Blood Pressure at home
Have been testing my blood pressure using a home machine. Blood pressure a bit on the high side (122/84).

(F) Been monitoring my Weight
Am overweight. Need to lose about 18-20 pounds to be at my desired or healthy weight. It has been coming down fairly swiftly over the last 3 weeks.


So reasonably healthy given that I have been more or less sedentary for the last 12 months since about October 2011.  But my health could indeed be better and I am taking the correct actions to bring my health indicators in line.

Except for the thyroid function stuff, none of the doctors are particularly concerned about the current status of my health (except the usual lose weight, get more exercise, eat healthy stuff). BUT, none of them have exactly been forward in getting me along the track to getting Ketamine either. I have been the one pushing to have it prescribed for me.

I do understand the doctors’ concerns. Since Ketamine really isn’t prescribed typically  for anything, and on humans is most used an an anesthetic, my doctors don’t have much experience with it, and consequently are taking the cautious route. I agree with them and the safety issues are certainly there, but hell… it’s a damned nuisance to have to do so much stuff in order to get access to a drug that may work better than anything else I have ever tried for my depression.

Meanwhile, if you are thinking of trying this, expect that you will have to visit your GP, various specialists, psychiatrist, and probably others. Expect that the doctors will be very nice and but cautious about actually prescribing the Ketamine.  Expect to do lots of physical tests. Expect this process to last from a few weeks to a few months before you actually get your hands on the Ketamine.

It’s a pain in the nennen to do all this, but it’s the safe thing. I’m chafing at the slow pace, but I do approve the doctors’ caution. I wouldn’t ordinarily bother with all this hassle, but Ketamine still is the only drug to ever pull me out of depression. That’s worth jumping though all the hoops for.

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