Ketamine currently Good, but Useless.

So. The Ketamine works very well as an antidepressant for me so far. But my doctors and psychiatrists are unwilling prescribe it to me because it has not been approved for depression, and in fact its ability as an antidepressant is so far from its approved use as an anesthetic that they are not even keen to take a chance and prescribe it as an ‘off label’ drug.

I understand their position and I really have no wish to possibly get them in trouble. But with no doctor’s prescription, I’m stuck.

This is not going as swimmingly as I would like. Not quite sure what my next step will be yet.

4 thoughts on “Ketamine currently Good, but Useless.

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  1. @ I didn’t see my last comment, You can simply buy some Ketamine from a reliable online vendor or do you need to be a vet for that?


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