National Alliance on Mental Illness 2012 Ad

Ad posted on the Nectar Madness Blog, where I first saw it.

I am of mixed feelings about the ad. It’s good to know that major leaders can have mental illnesses. But I’m not so sure I like the ‘win’ part. It implies that we can get past having mood swings and move on in our lives without worry, instead of having to manage them for the rest of our lives.

And the ad subtly sends the wrong message to people without mental illnesses. I can see someone saying to me “Why can’t you just fix your mood swings” with the implication that somehow it’s all my fault that I haven’t gotten over being bipolar, that I haven’t tried hard enough to win.

I would have preferred if it said ‘were successful in spite of having to cope with mental illness all their lives’. Though I suppose it’s not quite as good a sound bite.

Still, kudos to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) for having ad about mental illness and success.

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  1. I’m curious as to how you’ve held up the last few days. I’ve read all of your posts as I am in search of answers,medications,others experiences ,etc. within our little psychosis of a world. I have battled with anxiety snd panic attacks since Kindergarten. Depression kicked in somewhere between elementary and middle school. Now, I’m 40 and a mommy to three little girls. I am finding myself (the last 10+ years) to be in constant depression, irritable(to the point of feeling like I have a black heart…just hatred towards everyone and everything), absolutely no joy or happiness to be felt…ever, and feeling soooo fed up because I know how I want to be and know how to go about getting/doing these things but I feel like I can’t. Somedays I am manic and feel like I can do anything snd usually do. It can be impressive. But they are few and far between. I’m barely hanging on AND I have three little girls to raise. I lash out at them and I know what it’s doing to them. My mom was the same with me. It’s a definite family problem. My mother passed away October 2010 but had recently been told she may have a personality disorder. But I have to get fixed or I’m done with it. I have been in meds and nothing works. I’ve been off if meds for almost 2.5 yrs now snd know that I need something. I go to a psychiatrist tomorrow but now that I’m a mom(and a good mom except for my biting words and tone) am so afraid that just goi g and opening up will put me at a risk to lose my girls…if my husband and I get divorced. He plays the “crazy- psycho bitch” card when he’s in his moods. So…I’m curious about your progress. Wish me luck tomorrow and I hope I don’t back out of the appointment!!!


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