In case you are wondering, it’s real, and we aren’t crazy

“We all tend to think of the problems we are going through as some sort of personal failing – you know, if we tried harder, or if we worked better, or if we fixed some past problem in our childhood, then we can beat this. The problem is that mood swings are disease, a real disease. They aren’t just a passing phase or a down period or a character defect. They are as real a disease as diabetes or astigmatic vision.

We also tend not to like the idea that we might have a ‘mental’ disease, mostly because so many of the associations with this are negative. But mood swings don’t make you a crazy person. They are just a set of annoying symptoms that get in the way of living your life. They don’t stop you from graduating university, or succeeding in your job, or having friends, or being well respected.

You don’t suddenly turn forty and get an axe and go on a bloody rampage. What you are is, well, pretty normal like everyone else. Just with a set of annoying symptoms that you deal with. Think of people who get migraine headaches, or with peanut allergies, or who get bad hay fever. It’s more like that.”

9 thoughts on “In case you are wondering, it’s real, and we aren’t crazy

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  1. Glad you started posting again 🙂
    and I totally agree on what you say about this annoying desease hehe!


  2. Yes this is a disease and for years I was dragging around this bunch of symptoms and fighting the label of borderline personality. I knew it was wrong but who listens when they think it’s just another BP feature? I am now 60 and have a Pdoc who listens to me, explained the BiPolar/depression and started me on chemotherapy. This gives me a sense of peace and validity and now there are not enough hours in the day to do things. I even sleep without sleep aids! Of course I am still ‘diseased’ but the changes are making my life an enjoyable place to be.
    Rx: 400mg. seroquel 25mg. Lamotrigine, both are still increasing.
    Diagnosed May 24/14.


  3. Good analogy, I’ve never thought of it like that. I always just think that my mind is messed up. Good one!
    Thanks for sharing! Keep writing 🙂


  4. Despite confused and sick of the fake ring life line no one gives a dam if I live or die and or many years of medicatons opinions and put downs therapist s that get rich turn me away and still no solutions just meds that don’t work for me always a side effect and know real diagnosis just take your money or tell me what do you want us to do and they wonder why I am angry but relate to your post not sure who or what I am just different .


    1. And very over trying to think anyone can help me now tried today to get help they turned me away saying what do you want us to do ? Stop me from running from this have been walking this type rope for so long and they ask do you feel suicidal no I am past that point today I am already dead only the out side left just numb and scarred as there is no help for me just labels that have tryed so hard to take of my head took a lot to take my history of medication but they again refuse to listen or help just judge show you a door because your time is up and can never agree on what I am so how can I go for help Throug my history over the years to help myself in there bin out side the door on the way out its all just one big roller coaster with no ride


      1. And no real support the system is bullshit !! Thx for leting me write this if it does not help me maybe someone


      2. Why am I posting here because there is no were else and my advice to any of you taking seroqel get of this drug its a killer came very close to loosing my life from this drug had seizures from this also slurred speech and massive weight gain and if I may not be able to get help for myself but maybe it will help someone else to know when you are desperate you will try what ever they tell you to but hard to trust when the side effects are worse and nothing works and they give up on you as they think its a choice to feel so bad and no help just options and more pills ..and nothing to laugh or smile about as its not them that are suffering the system sucks you just go around in circles with no real answers or help. .


  5. I am not bipolar but have been diagnosed with a panic/anxiety and depressive disorder almost 15 years ago, when I was realitively young (22). These sentiments really get to me because, even though rationally, I know I have this disorder, there still is a part of me, all these years later that thinks I’m making it all up, that “it’s in my head”. Even though mental illness runs in the family, and I’ve been told by countless psychiatrists and therapists that it’s a chemical imbalance, mental illness is hard to accept because there is no definitive test. If you break your leg your doctor can physically show you an X-ray of your bone in two parts, but mental illness doesn’t allow for that privilege. I am glad I stumbled across this blog, a lot resonates firmly with me. My disorder is so bad that I live off of disability, which is not something I’m proud of happy with. Don’t get me wrong I am blessed that there are programs out there that give me the help I need, but I was a rising star, you could say…head of the class, a go getter, I had a firm idea of how I’d become a great success and wasn’t far from achieving it when I was brought low by this disorder. Now my life is so far from what myself and every educator believed it would be, its embarrassing. Only my family and a very small handful of friends know the actual story of my life, most people get the ” I’m self employed” schtick, and that bothers me too because I feel ashamed that I hide what’s really going on. I’m, after nearly a decade, trying to step foot back into the world, and its very difficult, especially with the high dosages of meds that I’m on (400mg of Seroquel – Talk about sleeping a lot, its hard to think I don’t have a sleeping disorder!). Thank you for this site, you are helping us with mental disorders feel like we are not physically battling an invisible enemy alone.


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