A Good Depression Primer

This is a pretty correct description of depression and correct advice for those surrounding the person with depression. I’m always skeptical when people make stuff like this, but this one – this one I endorse fully.

4 thoughts on “A Good Depression Primer”

  1. Thanks… This just made me cry like a baby… Then sit on the bathroom counter and stare at myself crying thinking about what my girlfriend told me last night and how it made me feel and then how she responded to my laying on the floor doing nothing when there’s so much to be done… And she doesn’t know what to do because I can’t be coddled every time I’m sad… And life goes on. When I was hospitalized just last July for attempted suicide I almost suceeded at…but she didn’t know me then… Fuck… And my checklist I need to do… The dogs need to eat, the lizards cage is horrible, the litter box is bad, the laundry isn’t done, the dishes are insane, the flowers we bought last weekend need to be planted and watered, I need to pack for our Vegas trip this weekend, idk Wtf to wear, or what beer I’ll want to buy before we drive, the jeep is filthy inside and out, there’s cigarette butts all over the front porch, the dirt behind the retaining wall needs to be slightly du g out of at least leveled so the pool guy will stop ccomplaing about the dirt blowing in, I javnt showered 4 says other than a bird bath, or brushed my teeth in 2,my dreads need to be worked on bad and the garage is a disaster, the kids got playdo everywhere and I got to sweep and vacume and mop at least dpwnstair and fill the bathroom sink with draino today. I can’t do this. I want to cry. An hour and a half gone now. And she’ll be back at 12 when I’ll have to follow her to the mechanic to drop off 96th he bus and then take her home so she can get her p ink jeep to sign paychecks and work at her shop for a few hours and here I am… Crying…

  2. Oh and not to mention shine my boot, finish my best, see the holes in my pants so my butt doesn’t hang out, unstud my belt and transfer the rest to my jacket, recycle and get a pack of cigarettes, move the dresser in the hall closet to the garage, find the cooler with speakers and wash it out, get my red bull case at Walgreen and my fake sandwich meat at Wal-Mart, Cary the speaker things downstairs, wipe down t he tables, get all the cds together, shop vac the blue jeep and now lay on the stairs right here and cry. Oh and I took the latch of the side gate says ago and I need to screw on the new one and plug the power drill in for all of that and ugh. I made it to the stairs at least.. Where I should probably slide down on my butt. Five hours of sleep doesn’t cut it for me…

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