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Items in red are relatively new. Items in green are fairly new. Items in black written a while now.

Coping with Depression

•  Depressed ISN’T Sad
Why thinking about Depression as sadness is a bad idea.
(rewritten substantially 1 Oct 18, originally written 25 Jan 18)

•  Depression as Pain
Some of the effects of Depression are pain. Can we use painkillers to help with Depression. (written 29 Sep 18)

Coping Mechanisms

•  Inability to Focus and Self
As we come out of Depression, our inability to Focus can create problems with our sense of self and our personality (written 3 Oct 18)


•  Panadol (acetaminophen)
Panadol and other OTC painkillers may help with Depression by reducing pain. (written 1 Oct 18)

Yeah, I’m redoing the site. One of the hardest things I’m doing is linking related information so that it’s easy for you, the reader, to find the information you need at your fingertips. It’s a particular headache when I need to design the site so it’s as easy to read on a cell phone as on a desktop or a tablet.

I’m experimenting a bit, so please pardon the inconvenience.

I’ll be adding some new stuff, like what happens when I try marijuana (spoiler – nothing), or my college years (pretty awful). I’ll also be cleaning up and rewriting some of the posts which never quite looked proper when I switched over to WordPress.

And a lot has happened to me since I blogged last time, so maybe I’ll hold everything together to write it all down this time.

Thanks for bearing with me.

2 thoughts on “Site Menu”

  1. I was diagnosed in June. Became a complete mess, working now with my doctor and therapist.

    Started to do a lot of researching to educate myself and came across your website. It has now become my most valuable resource.

    I re-read your posts all the time when I feel lost and it has been a real comfort to connect with someone who understands even though we’ve never met.

    Sending positive vibes your way

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