New Year’s Resolution

I can’t make plans that are more than about 4 days into the future, so it’s useless for me to make any New Year’s Resolutions.

But it’s still helpful to have some sort of direction.

So what I do these days is have just ONE thing / task that I’d like to achieve. Size doesn’t matter. And I don’t put a time frame on when I’ll complete it because if I don’t get it done in time (or at all), then I’ll feel like a failure.

And when I finally do that thing (eventually), then I’m happy and I find another thing I’d like to get done.

I’ve found that Depression wreaks havoc with New Year Resolutions and long term plans and repetitive tasks and time frames. And I don’t want my sense of self-worth to erode even more by feeling guilty about things I have failed to do.

So this year, my resolution is this – “I shall learn to make peace with things not done or not done on time, and I shall not be angry or upset about them”.

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