How we feel while we are Depressed!

A Depression episode is NOT fun.

We are unable to do things, and we watch helplessly as projects we are doing fail. We can’t even do personal or home maintenance. We stop going out and meeting people because we can’t get out of the house and because we become afraid of people.

During the depression episode, we feel guilty that we aren’t reliable or strong enough to stop our tasks from failing. We feel that the world is closing in and that nothing will ever be good in our lives again, that people are angry with us, and that we are terrible, useless, worthless people.

None of the above are our fault. They are the symptoms of depression, just the same way a runny nose and sneezing are the symptoms of the flu. We can’t stop what happens by thinking differently or positively any more than you can stop your runny nose just by thinking about it. We can’t take action to fix the depression because we can’t do things, and the drugs / medications we take may or may not work.

Being depressed is traumatic.

2 thoughts on “How we feel while we are Depressed!

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  1. How the hell do I get out of it …. without the medication! I will not go back on the shit … tired of being a guinea pig and when our clinics do not have the right medication they swop with other medication I was last on schizophrenic tabs really – dont let me start on the eplim 500mg twice a day. When I last went for a check up I was told by the so called sister herself I need Jesus and she gave me Vitamin B 5 – that was in 2016 so I took myself off the meds on the upside I am more alert – I dont sleep as much as I did when I was on them

    I was diagnosed with bi-polar and temporal lobe epilepsy with an addictive personality – I have never harmed anyone only myself.

    I have had my mood swings etc BUT I have worked really hard at not getting too down and I have seriously worked at been socially correct/acceptable – I have not cut myself in ages and trust you me some days are hard – BUT NOW lately – nothing is right inside its always upside down – words dont come out right – nothing makes me happy I just smile or laugh cause that is social acceptable at the time meantime all I want to do is pick up a plank and slap someone with it – I hate people! Most days I just go through the motions – get up do what I need to do (that has now become a task of note) – go to work – go home – force myself to do a few things – then on the bed by 7:00 then I will not move until i am forced to get up in the morning and lately to move out that bed or to even shower – what a bind that has become! Everything is so f’king hard and life draining! I dont not understand why this time it has become so hard to snap out of it and I just feel like I am going to explode soon!


    1. You sound that although you have it hard frequently, you’ve been able to hold you act together well enough most of the time. It’s just that now is…difficult.
      I don’t know what to tell you what will work. Things to try if you haven’t yet.
      1. If you can, just take a 5-10 min walk around the block on a morning or evening. This is not exercise – just 5 minutes with yourself and walking. Slippers and old clothes are fine.
      2. Meds. Not sure what you are on, but ask your psych (or equivalent) if a mood stabiiliser / anti-anxiety at a dose that does not make you a zombie might work for you.
      3. Do only what you need to. The rest can wait. It’s okay to do less that what you think you should be doing.
      4. If you aren’t doing meds – walking works best to even out the moods. If you can exert yourself more, that’s fine, but not required. Walk to somewhere you like (used to like?) and back home.
      5. Hand out with one or two easy going friends. You’ll hate having to do it, but then you’ll find being with them isn’t so bad. Keeps you grounded too.

      How many of the above have you tried? What worked best?


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