About this Website / Blog

LivingManicDepressive.com is privately owned, and has been maintained and written by one person ever since it was created in 1997. The website has no sponsorship and takes no advertising. There are no commercial, government, or non-profit affiliations.

Some of the views here on managing being bipolar or depression contradict mainstream ideas of what being manic depressive is. That’s because there is a huge difference between writing about manic depressive people you have studied and writing about being manic depressive from personal experience.

I’ve added details about being bipolar and pitfalls in trying to manage drugs and daily life that no researcher would ever think to consider in any study, but which are nevertheless important in coping successfully to have a productive and, well, a good life.

However, I am not a doctor. I hope the information here can provide you with support in coping with day to day problems and even in dealing with doctors and drugs, but the information here cannot replace a doctor / psychiatrist. To get a proper diagnosis and medical advice for your treatment, please seek the services of a doctor.

I maintain the website as an ongoing project because of a promise made in 1999 (see my Awards page). However, I’ve also realised that working on the website and answering e-mails helps to keep me more stable, which is a good thing. And, it’s fun too.

My e-mail address is livingmanicdepressivemail[/@/][gmail.com]. I’d rather you contact me by e-mail, so my address and phone number are not listed on the website. However, I do own this domain and the registration information is publicly available.

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