About this Website

LivingManicDepressive.com was created in 1997 and is maintained and written by one person.

Some views here about managing bipolar disorder or depression or mania diverge from or contradict mainstream ideas. That’s because there is a huge difference between writing about these topics from a research perspective and writing about mania and depression from personal experience.

I’ve added details about actually being bipolar and the pitfalls in managing drugs and daily life that no researcher would ever think to consider in a study, but which are important in coping successfully.

I maintain the website as an ongoing project because of a promise made in 1999, and because working on the website and answering e-mails helps to keep me more stable. And it’s fun too.

However, while I hope the information here can help you with coping with day to day problems and in dealing with doctors and drugs, the information here cannot replace a doctor or psychiatrist. Please check the Medical Disclaimer and please work with your doctor.

The website has no sponsorship and takes no advertising. There are no commercial, government, or non-profit affiliations.

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