Panadol (acetaminophen)

I've recently realised that one of the symptoms of Depression can be pain - usually in the form of headaches, but also in the form of generalised aching or tiredness. You might think I'd have realised this before, like sometime over the last twenty years. But we aren't always that observant, especially for things that... Continue Reading →

Depression as Pain

I've found that if you are somewhat depressed and still able to function, or a lot depressed and forcing yourself to function, then one of the manifestations of trying to get things done is pain. When we say depression hurts, this is not some existential, woe is me, hurt. It's real pain that occurs when... Continue Reading →

Should I Take this Medication?

It is quite reasonable for you to have some concerns about taking medications / drugs. You might feel they are a final admission that really is something wrong with you - that you really may have mood swings. They may make you nauseous or cause occasional blurred vision or have other side effects that interfere... Continue Reading →

Should I Take Therapy or Pills

Should I take therapy or use the pills the psychiatrist gave me? Which should it be. Which is obviously better? I can't seem to get an clear answer from anyone. I don't want to be on medications because then that would be an admission that I need a crutch to go about my life. Certainly... Continue Reading →

Is My Diagnosis Correct?

When I was told I was manic depressive, the psychiatrist took about an hour to do so. I never trusted him after that. According to one person who wrote me - "the doctor was either a genius or a quack." I had being going to a therapist for a few months to deal with my... Continue Reading →

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