Ideas for Coping | Managing Your Moods

The following sections have strategies I use to cope with being bipolar. Some work, others work some of the time. Families and friends should look for coping strategies under Family and Friends.

Use the Coping Menu to choose a section.

5 thoughts on “Ideas for Coping | Managing Your Moods”

  1. It’s been more than 20years that I have suffered and 14 years ago diagnosed with ADHD and Bipolar I. Still trying on new nerds and it is frightening to me. I have no support group and family is far away. I want to learn signs before the depression hits. The mania w meds is much less. The one that rules is the depression. Too little info about bipolar personal issues. Help!

    1. I also have bipolar disorder and adhd. I’ve been off meds for bipolar for about 6 years and I just recently started taking meds for adhd which helps tremendously to keep myself focused on one thing at a time and able to stop the frantic racing thoughts but I still have manic episodes and its almost systematic that I will have a depression episode right after. The depression is much worse for me than the mania. do you take medication for the depression?

  2. I take Effexor Lamictal, and saphris. The mania is now very manageable. But I still have pretty major episodes of depression. Who knows if things will back to my version of normal!

  3. I haven’t read much of your website but it comes at a good time. I have yet to see someone who acknowledges that meds can be ineffective and the moods come through anyway. I had a crushing depression yesterday despite my Lamictal and all I want is to be alone. I have bipolar II. Thank you for your website. It is very refreshing.

  4. This is very accurate. I’m 18 and have had major depression and psychosis. Its been about half a year and I’m wondering if anyone here has experience or advice for teenagers/young adults with depression. I’m hopeful.

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