Copyright and Terms of Use

The information on the blog / web site, “Living Manic Depressive – practical ideas for coping with bipolar disorder, mania, and depression” at (hereinafter called the website) is the personal property of Jinnah Mohammed and can be reproduced by individuals only under the terms listed below.

  • You may retrieve the contents of the website for informational purposes only.
  • You may save a local copy or print the website for your personal use only providing it is not used for financial, academic, or professional gain, or for personal recognition. You must include this copyright notice with any copy that you make.
  • You may quote parts of the website up to 75 words in total in your own personal documents or on a personal web site without permission (but see below for organisational use or multiple copies). The quotation may not be modified in any form and must contain a citation as below
  • For quotations placed on the internet, the following citation which includes a link back to the website must be used: Living Manic Depressive – practical ideas for coping with bipolar disorder (manic depression), mania, and depression by Jinnah Mohammed
  • For quotations in paper or other documents or media, the citation is: Mohammed, Jinnah. 1997/2019. “Living Manic Depressive – practical ideas for coping with bipolar disorder (manic depression), mania, and depression” Trinidad and Tobago,

Failure to follow the terms listed above, means that the individual agrees to the terms of use as listed in bold below.

All organisations, or persons with a professional or academic or personal interest in the site may make use of information / data contained in the site only with written permission of author. The following also require a written request and express written permission of the author:

  • Placing any part of the website on any document or media (including web pages) that is used for commercial or academic or professional or personal benefit or to solicit funds.
  • Making multiple copies of any part of the website for distribution either electronically, on paper, or by any other method for any reason whatsoever.
  • Quoting any part of the website in a published document or in any document (including web pages) or other medium of communication of a commercial, non-commercial, or government organisation whether for public use or not.

Please note that getting permission is easy and will usually cost nothing more than having the website and my name cited on the document. Just e-mail to let me know what you wish to use it for.

Terms of Use: By copying and/or displaying of any part of the website in any medium without the permission of Jinnah Mohammed any person, company or organisation displaying the copied part of the website agrees to pay Jinnah Mohammed a fee of $1.00 United States Dollars per word per day per copy of the copied material and accepts a grant of temporary non-transferable non-exclusive right of use and that Jinnah Mohammed may at his sole discretion and without liability for any consequences whatsoever caused by his decision withdraw any permission to use any of the quoted material from the websites by giving 24 hours notice via e-mail, letter, telephone, fax, or other commonly used method of communication at the time and continued use or display of the information past the date and time indicated by Jinnah Mohammed will incur a a fee of $6.00 United States Dollars per word per day per copy of the copied material. The person, company or organisation also agrees to accept complete and sole responsibility for contacting Jinnah Mohammed and informing him of the intention to copy and/or display any part of the websites prior to said copying and/or displaying and in addition to the fees above agrees to pay an additional $30,000 United States Dollars should any part of the websites be copied and/or displayed without contacting Jinnah Mohammed and receiving approval from Jinnah Mohammed to copy and/or display any part of the websites. The person, company, or organisation agrees that these Terms of Use replace any Terms of Use that they may have for the use of their website or other media or documentation.

I will go to the courts of law to prevent the theft of my material and to reclaim the monies owed to me under the agreement above.

Notwithstanding the above, the website and all information in it are protected by all laws regarding to copyright.

Quotations or pages in the website attributed to authors other than Jinnah Mohammed require the explicit approval of the author to be copied or used in any fashion. Permission by Jinnah Mohammed to quote parts of the website do not include permission to quote material written by other authors.

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  1. Have you seen any other case studies or academic or other reflections on the aspect of mania that you describe in the words:
    “I’m charismatic.
    I can persuade people to follow my lead. I can see what needs to be done and will take charge in a group. I have no problems being the chair of an organisation or committee – and will volunteer for the post.
    If I’m out partying, I’m a centre of attention. I have no problems chatting with strangers, and I can always pick up someone if I wanted to (well, at least before I added on an extra 20lbs).
    I’m your best date – thoughtful, funny, romantic, willing to do unusual or wildly silly things for you. You’ll probably get poetry too – I have a way with words. My world revolves around you.”


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