My Bipolar Diary – The Real Stuff

My daily thoughts and feelings for the period 1997-2003, written from just after I was diagnosed and through the next six years as I struggled to cope with being bipolar. The dates are old, but the problems of being bipolar never change. It’s part hope, despair, longing, annoyance, fear, winning, and sometimes just sheer tiredness.

Read this if you think you are bipolar. Or if you have just been diagnosed and want to know what to expect. Or just to see what someone else has gone through – you’ll be surprised how similar it is to your experience. You are not alone.

This is the section which won all my earliest awards, and even now there is still nothing else like it on the web. Check it out!

The Diary starts here with my first entry…

…and the Diary ends here. Since this was written, I’ve become more knowledgeable about being bipolar, and perhaps a little bit wiser. Check out the other sections of my website for my most updated / recent thoughts.

One thought on “My Bipolar Diary – The Real Stuff”

  1. I am afraid of my thoughts and feelings 99 percent of the time. ..I think I may be just lile my mother…..BIPOLAR/MANIC DEPRESSIVE ….and that scares me more tjan anything! !!!!

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