Taking On a Race Or Not

20 Oct 02 - Diary I spent seven and a half hours hiking and riding today. Why the masochism you ask. Well, I'm practising for a ten hour endurance race (hiking, riding, swimming) in the middle of November. If I finish the race, my greatest triumph won't be the physical capability (although I'll like that).... Continue Reading →

Losing My Identity

4 Dec 02 - Diary Went to see my therapist today. Was sufficiently scared on how I was feeling to want to talk with someone. I spoke to her about the stuff on the previous page, including that I was feeling suicidal. It felt good talking to her for three reasons - it was good... Continue Reading →

Do I Want to Get Better?

2 Feb 03 A lot has happened in the last week. Probably the most important was that I ran support for my cousin for a marathon. She's just about 5 feet tall, is the mother of two kids and she ran 26.2 miles. Right. I want to be like that. All I was able to... Continue Reading →

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