Holidays, Mania, and Depression

Us bipolar persons do not do well at holiday time. We just don't.I've written about what you could do if you are manic or depressed during the holidays (it says Thanksgiving, but the ideas are the same). Worth reading, including the comments.This 2013 Holiday season is particularly long because the holidays fall midweek. For those of... Continue Reading →

Charting Moods

The graph above charts my weight from about October 2011 to the end of February 2013.  Do you think you can tell when I was depressed? And when I wasn't? Here's a hint. My ideal weight is about 150 lbs. I really try to be at that weight, but whenever I'm depressed I eat no... Continue Reading →

Depression and Dogs

We've all heard about the healing and stress relieving power of pets. And stories from pet owners will always be full of the how marvellous and loving their pets are. I know, because I am one of them. But do they help with stabilising mood swings? Can they help pull you out of depression? Should... Continue Reading →

2013 and all that

Been out of commission for pretty much all of December because I was - ta da! - depressed. Nothing new there. What's bad though, is that I've finally gotten really really tired of starting over my life after each depression episode. And fed up too. I could have taken steps to deal with the depression since... Continue Reading →

Why Aleksei has no Antlers

‘twas the month before Christmas, And all through the land, The creatures were whispering, Isn’t it grand. Santa’s looking, to pull on his sleigh, New animals, cos reindeer are so passé. Besides, traditional creatures of yore, Aren’t fast enough To avoid planes or the stray bullet or four. What we need are creatures who Are... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Stuff(ing?)

Remember, us bipolar persons do not do well in crowds and gatherings. If you or a family member is bipolar, look out for these things. If you are somewhat manic, the crowd energy can aggravate the situation. Look out for: We cannot cope with the numerous conversations and activities simultaneously. You might flit from group... Continue Reading →

Do I Hallucinate?

It's not like in the movies Well, yes actually. But it's not like in the movies. There is no dreamscape or soft focus images appearing before us. There is no vision of God. There is no voice in my head whispering to me in a soft but clear voice that sacrificing a little child will... Continue Reading →

Resistance to Drugs

I become resistant toany mood stabilising medicationthat I take daily Here's the typical scenario. I start a new medication, one that says it takes 1-2 weeks to take effect. I start getting a noticeable response to the drugs within hours - sometimes in less than one hour. So that's good. But then the drug stops... Continue Reading →

Staying Home When I am Depressed

Someone once asked me how I cope with depression. It's easy. When I'm depressed, I just sit in my house, don't talk to anyone and wait for the depression episode to pass. The reason I'm ok about sitting in my house is that I treat depression as a physical disease - thinking of it as,... Continue Reading →

Drugs, Quality of Life, and Dilemmas

I'm still kinda grumpy about not being able to take the Ketamine. Here's why. I'm not disagreeing with my doctors - their points on why they aren't keen on my taking it are very good. Ketamine apparently can push up blood pressure and is associated with tacychardia (rapid heart rate). And long term heavy use... Continue Reading →

Ketamine currently Good, but Useless.

So. The Ketamine works very well as an antidepressant for me so far. But my doctors and psychiatrists are unwilling prescribe it to me because it has not been approved for depression, and in fact its ability as an antidepressant is so far from its approved use as an anesthetic that they are not even keen to take a... Continue Reading →

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