Mania: Everything about it

10 Jan 19: This web page is no longer being maintained.

The Living Manic Depressive website is still active, but the information on this page has been updated and moved to other places on the website.

Check the Symptoms Menu item in the top Menu for information on Depression and Mania symptoms, or return to the Living Manic Depressive Home Page.

  • Do you think you might suffer from depression or mania?
  • Do you think you might have mood swings?
  • Have you been diagnosed as bipolar, and you want to know more?
  • Has someone you know been diagnosed with depression or bipolar disorder?
  • Do you think that someone you know might be bipolar or depressed or manic or have mood swings?

The three sections describe what it’s really like to be depressed or manic, using plain English instead of the medical jargon. You know, so that you can read and understand it.

In the Mania or Hypomania section, there is information about the signs of mania, so you can check if you are becoming manic or if you already are manic.

An important step in gaining control of your life is knowing when things are going wrong. You can train yourself to look for and recognise the signs of mania on an ongoing basis, so that you’ll know when you need to do something about it. Especially so that you don’t upset everything and everyone around you.

There is also information about things that can cause or trigger manic episodes – and you’ll understand why you don’t like the holiday seasons so much.

Depression usually starts off mild and deepens into severe. These are 18 Symptoms of Depression that happen as depression becomes worse and worse.

Of course, it’s necessary or handy to know the Official Signs of Depression and Bipolar Disorder – the ones used by psychiatrists. The information here is taken from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV), which is the big fat book that categorises the various psychological disorders.

5 thoughts on “Mania: Everything about it

  1. I am 18 years old and have had sever mood swings since the age of 16. My father has manic-depression and although he has not been diagnosed it is very clear. I’ve never thought my emotions were normal. Every time I feel like I’m on top again I get sad. Real sad. Like life may never look up. And than BAM suddenly I feel full of energy and happy and ambitious. I’ve always felt there were something wrong with my emotions but I believed it came from childhood trauma, not genetics. I’m finally starting to relies that I too may have manic depression. What do I do? Help!


    1. I would just like to go about my day and not feel like crying when something itty bitty goes wrong. And than wonder why im crying because its been such a good day.


  2. I have a problem when every thing goes wrong in my life stealing a few item which I can efford make me feel better. Why? Hy husband scream every night and morning and I loosing the plot. My work the is only sanity I have left and keeping me normal. Help me? Why do I do this. I have the money to pay for this on my accounts, but is as if it make me feel beter. Cane explain. Why can I beat this illness. I hate myself.


  3. I am not a thief but for some reason when I do this it makes me feel beter. I don’t want to ask my parent or my husband for any help, because he treats me like a crazy piece of shit


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