Books for Bipolar Persons

So I'm in an Indigo bookstore in Toronto. And it's wonderful, maybe I'll spend the rest of my vacation in here.  Anyhoo, apart from checking out my favourite authors and the entire Sci-Fi section, I thought I'd check out the stuff on being bipolar. And their collection is okay. And they have books about being... Continue Reading →

Depression and Dogs

We've all heard about the healing and stress relieving power of pets. And stories from pet owners will always be full of the how marvellous and loving their pets are. I know, because I am one of them. But do they help with stabilising mood swings? Can they help pull you out of depression? Should... Continue Reading →

Staying Home When I am Depressed

Someone once asked me how I cope with depression. It's easy. When I'm depressed, I just sit in my house, don't talk to anyone and wait for the depression episode to pass. The reason I'm ok about sitting in my house is that I treat depression as a physical disease - thinking of it as,... Continue Reading →

Can I Tell if I Am Manic?

Someone asked me - "When you are manic, is it was possible to tell if you yourself are manic, or do you just think you are acting normal." It is a good question. The answer is - yes, it is possible for me to recognise the symptoms of mania while I am manic. But like... Continue Reading →

Knowing When You are Becoming Manic

In order to manage being bipolar, you have to be able to monitor your moods. Of course that is easier said than done. After all, what does monitoring mean? What do you look for? Let's just start with mania. Here's how to know if you are becoming manic. I'm assuming you've read the Being Manic... Continue Reading →

Dealing with this manic episode

One of life's little benefits is that you can use your mania to control your mania. Here's why. With mania, you tend to have high productivity and lots of manic energy. It turns out that you can channel some of the excess energy to monitor how you are feeling and what you are doing. And... Continue Reading →

If You are Very Manic

If you are very manic, you MUST seek assistance from a psychiatrist. There are no choices in this matter. Your decision making capabilities will be substantially impaired, even if you don't think so, and even if you think you are functioning normally. You will not be able to sort this out on your own. If... Continue Reading →

Quick Perfume / Moisturising Cream

Remember I was talking about scents being psychoactive in a mood elevating way. Well, nutmeg is my thing - I kind of go crazy when I smell it (but in a good way). But you can't find nutmeg based perfumes. You can get the essential oils, but essential oils will irritate skin if applied directly,... Continue Reading →

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