Drugs, Quality of Life, and Dilemmas

I’m still kinda grumpy about not being able to take the Ketamine. Here’s why.

I’m not disagreeing with my doctors – their points on why they aren’t keen on my taking it are very good. Ketamine apparently can push up blood pressure and is associated with tacychardia (rapid heart rate). And long term heavy use is associated with bladder infections and damage and possibly liver damage. And it may be addictive.

It should be noted though, that since Ketamine is used primarily as an anesthetic, most people would never be exposed to it more than once or twice in their life. The only long term users are those taking it recreationally. So there’s not really a heck of a lot of information on how toxic it might be if taken as a prescribed drug.

I will grant that not knowing the long term effects of a drug is a pretty darned good reason for a doctor to not want to suggest or recommend it it.

So much for why I shouldn’t take it. Here’s why I should. Ketamine stops my depression in its tracks and my quality of life goes up dramatically. Continue reading Drugs, Quality of Life, and Dilemmas

Ketamine currently Good, but Useless.

So. The Ketamine works very well as an antidepressant for me so far. But my doctors and psychiatrists are unwilling prescribe it to me because it has not been approved for depression, and in fact its ability as an antidepressant is so far from its approved use as an anesthetic that they are not even keen to take a chance and prescribe it as an ‘off label’ drug.

I understand their position and I really have no wish to possibly get them in trouble. But with no doctor’s prescription, I’m stuck.

This is not going as swimmingly as I would like. Not quite sure what my next step will be yet.

Still Not Depressed

It’s been 11 days since I took the 20 mg of Ketamine. I still haven’t gotten depressed yet.

This is exceptional because according to my experiences from the last 15 years, I should have gotten depressed already. More to the point, I’ve taken no other medication since I took the Ketamine.

Quite frankly, I’m quietly celebrating. If I can take one dose of a medication once every 10-15 days and then have no mood swings for the intervening period, I’d be happy. Continue reading Still Not Depressed

Ketamine is Complicated

Here’s an update about Ketamine.

The good news is that the Ketamine works brilliantly to pull me out of depression – it happens within about an hour if I take the Ketamine in injectable form. The bad news is that my doctor (general practitioner / GP, not psychiatrist) believes that the Ketamine dose I took is causing high blood pressure.

Actually, it’s worse than even that. We both are worried that the Ketamine didn’t just raise my blood pressure, but it is keeping it in a possibly long term elevated state – even after the drug should have flushed from my body. There is a fear that each time I take the Ketamine again, my blood pressure will ratchet up to an even higher value. Obviously not a good thing. Continue reading Ketamine is Complicated

Depression and taking Ketamine

I tried Ketamine yesterday.

I had been in a depression episode that lasted through all of September, which is a very long episode for me. This is problematical, because while many of the antidepressants have some effect in preventing me from getting depressed, none work to actually get me out of depression.

So there I was, with my parents getting ever more worried about me. I really was doing nothing – staying at home and sitting in front of the computer reading Fark.com and Cracked.com articles all day. That’s all I did. All day. Literally.

Well, I fed the dogs too, but they were also upset because for the entire month I took them out walking perhaps three times. They are used to going for walks twice a day.

The Ketamine was a sort of a desperation measure, Continue reading Depression and taking Ketamine