Should I Take this Medication?

It is quite reasonable for you to have some concerns about taking medications / drugs. You might feel they are a final admission that really is something wrong with you – that you really may have mood swings. They may make you nauseous or cause occasional blurred vision or have other side effects that interfere with your work or leisure activities or sleep. They may change the way you feel. They may have long term effects on your health. You might worry whether you want to be taking medication for a long while. Or you might just not like taking pills, you know, because.

However, you didn’t end up on my website or at the psychiatrist or the doctor because your life was fine. Something is going wrong or went wrong somewhere and you are trying to find the problem(s) and resolve them. You’ve been told that perhaps you are bipolar or depressed and you’ve been given some pills. Now you are deciding  Continue reading Should I Take this Medication?