Panadol (acetaminophen)

I've recently realised that one of the symptoms of Depression can be pain - usually in the form of headaches, but also in the form of generalised aching or tiredness. You might think I'd have realised this before, like sometime over the last twenty years. But we aren't always that observant, especially for things that... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Stuff(ing?)

Remember, us bipolar persons do not do well in crowds and gatherings. If you or a family member is bipolar, look out for these things. If you are somewhat manic, the crowd energy can aggravate the situation. Look out for: We cannot cope with the numerous conversations and activities simultaneously. You might flit from group... Continue Reading →

Cause and Effect, Depression and Stress

The traditional and common model has it that there must be some event or stress in your life that causes depression. I think that's just wrong. And my experiences over the years generally have borne me out. Stress does not cause depression. Getting depressed creates stress in your life. For example... One thing that correlates with... Continue Reading →

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