Thanksgiving Stuff(ing?)

Remember, us bipolar persons do not do well in crowds and gatherings. If you or a family member is bipolar, look out for these things.

If you are somewhat manic, the crowd energy can aggravate the situation. Look out for:

  • We cannot cope with the numerous conversations and activities simultaneously. You might flit from group to group, feeling like you should be talking to the next set of persons over even as you join this conversation. Continue reading Thanksgiving Stuff(ing?)

Things that might Cause or Trigger Manic Eposodes

I am of the opinion that generally the mood swings happen on their own, following a pattern or cycle based on your body’s internal rhythms.

I also think that these cycles is fairly resistant to external events or triggers. So the stuff happening in your life is generally not the cause for your mood swings. Rather your mood swings are what are causing your life to go wonky.

Here’s the fine print though. Continue reading Things that might Cause or Trigger Manic Eposodes