Wellbutrin: Effects and Side Effects

21 Jan 03 – Diary
I started taking Wellbutrin (Zyban; 150 mg sustained release once per day) 5 days ago on Saturday. So far I like it more than Prozac – it’s a much less intrusive drug with regard to side effects. In fact the only noticeable side effect is that I started having sinus problems and sneezing Saturday night. It felt as if I had an allergy reaction similar to hayfever. Except that I don’t suffer from hayfever. Of course I had the flu as well, so I wasn’t too sure which one was causing this. But I had had the flu for a week before and I didn’t sneeze at all. Then I start taking Wellbutrin and I start sneezing continuously. Very suggestive.

The sneezing was actually quite annoying – ask anyone with hayfever. Continue reading Wellbutrin: Effects and Side Effects