Depressed ISN’T Sad

One of the problems with being bipolar is it's hard to describe what depression or mania or mood swings are. We commonly get annoyed when friends misunderstand us. But it is also hard to describe to YOURSELF what the hell is going on even as the depression is happening to you. Think about that. You... Continue Reading →

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Children and Bipolar Disorder

Parents get most of the headaches when dealing with bipolar kids. They almost inevitably are the ones who have to pick up the pieces when their child has a meltdown, are often the ones who have to deal with a troubled child through the teens and twenties and thirties, and possibly later. And in all the... Continue Reading →

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New to the Site? Start Here…

The website focus is on practical information and insights that help YOU cope better. The website is huge, so here's some suggestions on getting around. Happy browsing.

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Eighteen Symptoms of Depression

Wondering if you are depressed? Here are the signs to look for, sorted from the mild ones that appear early in a depression episode to the awful ones that signal a bad depression episode.

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Thirty Symptoms of Mania

When I start to feel this way I describe below, or when these symptoms show up, I know that I am either already manic or in the early stages of becoming manic. Hypomania is simply a milder version of mania - but it is still enough to cause problems. The "Mania is Wonderful" Signs 1. I... Continue Reading →

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How we feel while we are Depressed!

A Depression episode is NOT fun. We are unable to do things, and we watch helplessly as projects we are doing fail. We can't even do personal or home maintenance. We stop going out and meeting people because we can't get out of the house and because we become afraid of people. During the depression... Continue Reading →

Inability to Focus and Self

In the post on Depressed ISN'T Sad, I wrote that the two most critical symptoms about Depression were the Inability to Focus and the Inability to Get Things Done. On a practical level, the Inability to Get Things Done is the more pressing of these two symptoms. It's kind of obvious why - the more... Continue Reading →

Panadol (acetaminophen)

I've recently realised that one of the symptoms of Depression can be pain - usually in the form of headaches, but also in the form of generalised aching or tiredness. You might think I'd have realised this before, like sometime over the last twenty years. But we aren't always that observant, especially for things that... Continue Reading →

Depression as Pain

I've found that if you are somewhat depressed and still able to function, or a lot depressed and forcing yourself to function, then one of the manifestations of trying to get things done is pain. When we say depression hurts, this is not some existential, woe is me, hurt. It's real pain that occurs when... Continue Reading →

Stop doing this! Really!

Hey Mr. NRA guy and others. Can you leave us mentally ill people out of your politics? Assholes and bullies threaten and do violence to other people. Give them a machete and they'll chop someone. Give them a gun and they shoot someone. Duh! STOP DRAGGING US INTO YOUR STUPIDITY!! Us mentally ill people already... Continue Reading →

Back. With Meds that Stabilise Me.

Yup. After twenty years, I've finally got meds that stabilise me. Well, I've been stable for the last 3 1/2 months, which is far longer than anything else has ever worked.  I'm currently taking  Carbamazepine (Tegretol) - about 200 mg in the morning, 100 mg twice during the day and 200 mg in the evening. ... Continue Reading →

Books for Bipolar Persons

So I'm in an Indigo bookstore in Toronto. And it's wonderful, maybe I'll spend the rest of my vacation in here.  Anyhoo, apart from checking out my favourite authors and the entire Sci-Fi section, I thought I'd check out the stuff on being bipolar. And their collection is okay. And they have books about being... Continue Reading →

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